It’s group work day at school. Who does your OC pick to be their partner?
Yuki: Not Nik.
Minhyuk: Also not Nik.
Arin: I'd work with Nik!
Nik: THANK you, Arin. Why don't the rest of you want to work with me? I'd be a great partner. I can totally lead our partnership to an excellent grade.
Yuki: Nik, this is a science class, and you're terrible at science.
Annie: Arin! You caaaaaan't pick Nik, you need to pick ME! Pleeeeeeeease carry me!
Arin: Uh, you do realize that I'm also an arts major, right? I think to make it fair, the STEM majors should pair up with the arts majors, so that the amount of 'carrying' is balanced.
Yuki: No.
Minhyuk: Also no. Yuki? Partners?
Yuki: But I also don't want to work with you.
Minhyuk: Excuse me what the f––
Yuki: Fine, I'll take Annie.
Annie: Yeeeeees!
Jace: I'm accustomed to working with Nik. We can be partners.
Nik: HELL yes, this is the easiest 100% I will have ever gotten in my life.
Minhyuk: ....
Arin: ....
Minhyuk: Alright, I guess we're stuck together. Could be worse, honestly.