Hello! We are back again with an actual entry, because I don't have the brainpower to write about the YN MCs again. In life news, the planned trip was overall a success - I came home with my tea tree oil, shampoo, a loaf of sourdough bread, and a bag of oats. I had to stand up a lot on the subway, but honestly that was totally fine.

I later ventured outside again to purchase the face mask I wanted, and got $20 off since I could use the coupon. The lady also gave me eight (8????) free samples (LMAO). She was also offering some deluxe samples but I said pass on it for now. Maybe I'll claim it next time.

I then ventured outside again in order to purchase some fruit and yogurt for consumption purposes, because we need to be healthy up in here. Why the hell are nectarines so expensive? They're so smol and were like 1.50 each by weight.