So for an entire year an a half, I have sustained on four reusable cloth face masks, none of which I had to pay for (because thanks university and also my mother for mailing them to me). But since my uni announced that masks are still going to be required for indoor classes next year (which all of my classes will be), i figured having only 4 masks wouldn't get me through to each next laundry cycle... so hence i went to buy some today: $5 each at aritzia, not bad i guess, and a bit cheaper than the ones from etsy that i was eyeing. i guess quality suffers for that $2 difference, as im actually a bit worried that the metal bendy thing is going to rip through the thin a** linen fabric of the mask.

hopefully 7 of them is enough to rotate now... if not i guess i'll take a trip to the mall AFTER school starts and go grab more from somewhere.