General updates for today.
-Actually kind of productive at work??? Talked to my coworkers for a bulk of the time, debugging the testbench (actually caught a bug in a latch buried deep in the dac, so that was good). I *think* I know what I am doing now, so hopefully simulations will go smoother next week... I wanna do as much as I can before I gotta yeet back to school.
-Ventured to buy eggs in the morning, and wiped the prepaid visa card clean (finally!) Only had to use $0.22 for Amazon, so that's good!
-Also went to bulk barn to buy some oats, got a full container of them and it was only $1.45!
-Browsed Etsy a bit for some reusable facial rounds... I learned my lesson from the face masks (see yesterday's post) and so I guess I am willing to shell out a few extra dollars for good quality products. We'll see though. I need to quick maths how much this makeup hobby is going to cost me.
-Also browsed Aliexpress for makeup brushes... need to decide if the extra 30 cents is worth the extra few brushes I may or may not use. I thought it might be good for in case I ever get into mascara? Who knows, idk. Anyways, that's going on the prepaid visa... so it's technically "free"