Been thinking about this concept since I saw the prompt on insta. It's actually a pretty good idea. I want to use the YN MCs in a better universe than the one they're currently in, so maybe this will work for now?

Basically we have this town that's plagued by supernatural activity (much like Gravity Falls). Lots of weird s**t, ghosts, talking animals, monsters, magic, etc. I'm still keeping Aspen as a Native, but because of that, his ancestors/his people know a lot about the creatures/magical crap that's going on in the town. They predicted that 100 years after the town's creation, the monsters would no longer be confined to the forests surrounding the town, and will break past the magic barriers put in place and cause havoc on the townspeople.


As with all Teen Dramas™, the adults of the town (for the most part) are kind of ignorant of all the supernatural stuff. Either they can't see it, or are ignorant, or they have other ways of explaining the weird crap happening - "ah, it's not a ghost, it's just a strong wind!". But of course, the teenagers can, because... *insert plot shield reason*.

So then we have Arin/Erin. She's not not like other girls. She's exactly like other girls. Has both parents (neither died in a freak accident? what?), a relatively normal childhood, two best friends (Annie and Nik), and a...... dog. Actually it's a kitsune, a fox-like spirit from the eastern bamboo forest, but to her parents and most people in town, it's a dog. She can also see all the supernatural shiz, for some reason. She has no fighting skills or anything, because she's exactly like other girls. Boring.


So one day, our class president Aspen gathers all the Teenagers into the auditorium or gym, and tells them about the curse. His very-aware-of-the-magic-crap grandmother has created a talisman that will identify a "chosen one" that will stop the monsters from destroying all the people and the town. The students are skeptical. Arin/Erin doesn't care, she just wants to graduate and go to some random school (Columbia, I think?).

Blah blah blah, Aspen does the ceremony he was taught, and for a split second A/Erin thinks the talisman has picked her as the Chosen One. But, the girl sitting in front of her stands up and declares herself the chosen one (which, hey, is actually a good thing, because now A/Erin can just focus on her SATs!)