Okay, just going to brief some of the relationships between my leads.

Erin, Annie, and Nik have lived in this town their whole lives, so they grew up together and as such have been super close ... pretty much forever. Annie's the flamboyant, outgoing one of the group, whereas Nik is the calm/cool-headed one (and Erin of course, is useless). Annie has been hinting that Nik has a crush on Erin since, like, elementary school, but Erin of course dismisses it for the most part. Nik is never willing to confirm nor deny the accusations.

Yuki and Minhyuk are the 'new kids' in grade 12, which as you may expect kinda sucks for friendship prospects. Minhyuk eats lunch alone in the foods&fashion classroom (sewing + home ec? why??), but Yuki pops by looking for a quiet place to be alone, and they end up being friends. They're both kinda weird, but that's the good thing.

Jace, however, has been in the town for a few years but also hasn't lived there forever. He's a teacher's pet (lol) so he has the luxury of cooking/heating his lunch in the home-ec room, which is how he meets Y + M. He tries to ignore them, but they invite him to sit with them and (bc sometimes loners want to talk to people too!) he accepts. Bam second friend group.

Oh, also there's Nerdy Class Presidentâ„¢ Aspen -- who Erin worked alongside of at the local grocery store for the entirety of last summer. He's also lived in the town forever, but Annie/Nik never thought he was really cool, I guess. Erin's kinda had a crush on him since the summer, which Annie likes to tease her about (whilst casually shoving her towards Nik). Aspen is friends with the Student Council Kids: Mindy Zhang (lmao) - some 11th grader who dabbles in witchcraft, some grade 10s, etc.

My struggle here is how to connect Friend Group A with Friend Group B... I had the whole "Minhyuk tries to start a club and Annie wants to join, dragging Erin/Nik alongside her" idea, but that's kinda sus that nobody else in the entire school is interested. I'm leaning towards "Erin is sus about the chosen one - hears Yuki is a strange person who knows a lot about the supernatural - decides to approach her & in the process Friend Group A and B join together" right now, but we'll see.