There's this small portal that appears above my lawn on my way to school every morning. Yes, a portal, but it's nothing like you'd see in an old sci-fi movie or in a cartoon. Instead of bursting with multicoloured light and magical energy, it's barely noticeable and looks like someone used the 'blur' photo effect on a piece of the sky. It's no bigger than a dinner plate, so you couldn't fit a person through it and go on some crazy adventure like they often portray in fiction. Also, it seems to disappear after a few minutes.

I'd noticed it many times before, alongside all the weird crap that happens in the town, but always dismissed it as my vision being foggy. Maybe I was just tired! A few rapid blinks and it'd disappear. Until one fateful Thursday in the ninth grade, this same blurry spot in the sky appeared, and then a squirrel fell out of the sky.

A squirrel.

Naturally, as any confused fourteen-year-old with a rodent-like animal hurdling towards them might, I screamed. I also gawked like a deer in the headlights instead of moving, and so the squirrel landed on my head, smacked its tiny paws against my forehead a few times and then jumped away. I watched its little brown tail vanish into the bushes without giving me so much as a second thought.

Barely processing what just happened, I glanced up again to see the little blur in the sky slowly vanish. I don't really know what it is, but I personally think it's a portal leading to some other place in the town, or even the world. Sadly, after recounting the event and presenting my theories to my best friends, Annie and Nicholas, they dismissed it as a dream or perhaps something I imagined.

I guess it's another mystery of this town that remains unsolved.