Yep, school started again. had no actual lectures, but at least we're done with the 446 project now. also, i really need to actually work on the scholarship app & uni app, instead of just saying that i need to work on these things.

besides that, yeah. just eating all the random crap i have leftover in the house, hopefully i can sustain on that for this week, until i have actual time to get groceries. this weekend is going to be a 335 midterm/project cram + capstone cram. RIP.

but i did go to the mall briefly to return the socks & sweater. i'll give it a few days and most likely rebuy the sweater using the coupon (lol), and the socks will wait until there's a sale (probably holiday season). i do also want that skirt... but i also want stuff from Korea (ugh, what a dilemma). no shopping for now. only work.