Hi yeah it's Ghostly again, with another random list of things I want to buy but either don't need, or shouldn't.

First, that green sweater. With some finessing of coupons, it'll be about $46. Yikes dude, that's a lot.

Second, that plaid grey/black/white skirt. Very cute! Very much not for a Canadian winter. Also, with some coupon finessing, it's still $40?

Third, stuff from Korea, obviously. This may include more sweatpants (black or beige), more sweatshirts (mint, most likely), oversized sweater vest(s) (what, they're cute? grey probably), a white shirt dress (to wear under said sweater vests and the sweaters I already own), and socks (??).

Fourth, I kinda want a blanket from IKEA. remember that.