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To bid on Slave Manor's slaves, Visit here: (URL NOT YET AVAILABLE)

First off, if this goes against the slave policy I send my apologies but I got the impression that as long as people showed respect to each other in these then there shouldn't be many problems, that and the fact that it has to stay in the bounds.

Now then, if this is within the bounds of the policy then here are the rules and what not.

Welcome to the Slave Manor. This structure is owned and run by Sedecrem Meanorea so if anyone has a problem or complaint concerning how things are run here, please speak with her on it. Now then, below are listed the rules of the house, not abiding by them could end up with me having to PM you with my concerns. Please, enjoy your stay.

1. This is a topic wherein we will NOT allow anything to pass beyond that of the PG-13 bounds. The PG-13 bound include these rules, no cybering and no elicit posts. If either of these are seen we WILL delete your post and ask you to leave. If you remain and commit the act again, an admin WILL be notified.
2. No godmodding, fighting is allowed but please no godmodding
3. Masters, respect your slaves, they behave, don't punish them.
4. Slaves, it is alright to disobey, but don't do it constantly
5. Enjoy each others presence, if you have a problem with another play, either deal with it or leave.
6. Slaves and masters are allowed to wander the grounds and the forest, but leaving entirely is not possible. If one becomes tired of RPing here, say so and notify everyone that you will not be returning. If you are a master, notify which slaves were yours so that people know who are up for grabs. If you are a slave, notify your master of your leaving.

Now then, here's a listing of the grounds surrounding the manor.

The Grounds - The area surrounding the manor extends a good 100 yards in all directions and is mainly grassy. There are a few trees scattered here and there but not many.

The Forest - The forest extends all the way around the Manor Grounds and extends outward for at least 3 miles. To reach the outer edge of the Forest would be tricky but possible. Note however that this manor isn't like most others, it is protected from those trying to get out, thusly, its position geographically is unknown.

The Manor - Basement - The basement, located beneath the manor obviously, is where the slaves are kept during punishment sentenced by their master unless the master chooses the punish their slave in another matter. When a slave breaks a master's rule, then it is up to the master to deal with their slave how they want to. The only person allowed to deal judgement to a slave for rulebreaking besides the slave's master, is Sora and even then that's rare.

The Manor - First Floor - The first floor contains the entry hall, kitchen, and various other common areas of a basic structure. It however does not include bedrooms. Slaves are known to wander throughout the entire Manor, but this is the most common place to find them.

The Manor - Second Floor - The second floor of the manor contains the bedrooms, masters are the only ones allowed to choose a specific bedroom. Unless a slave has a master, then the slave may use a vacant room so long as it is not claimed by a master. (Note: The rooms in this Manor are endless, not as in they are huge, but there are a limitless amount to them)


Joining is simple, all you must do is fill out this sheet and then start RPing.


Your Master and Mistress

Mistress: Sedecrem Menorea
Appearance:User Image

((Any question? Just Sedecrem for assistance!))

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