Wow, I never really realized now much waiting blows. I finally got some part time work, but I need to wait to finish training before I can start to really pick up hours. This is just to kill time until December when I leave for Fort Leonard Wood. Assuming everything works out and on time, which is a 50/50 shot, maybe. Wrote a story that only kinda sucked a while ago, on a day my internet was down. OK, it was just plain bad but I can try to fool myself, right?

Finally DEPd into the Army a month ago, signing away 4 years of my life as a 68w, combat medic. and the 4 years are just a minimum; I'll probably re-up as a Green Beret so I can get my PA's license. I get my EMT, and with a perfect ASVAB score, I should get LPN training, which would lead to SOCOM trying to get me to sign on with them. Of course, I'll have to prove my fitness AND make a successful HALO drop first, so I'll be earning that s**t.

I really need to start doing something useful with my free time, though.