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My world of fantasy!~
Would you rather face reality or escape to your fantasy? For me I would choose both. I mean, your fantasy is everything you love, which is kinda boring when you stay there for a LONG time. And reality is pretty funny once you actually get involved in
[OC] Onyx
[Yandere Villian]

O n y x

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-G E N E R A L
•name; Onyx Nato

•age; 19

•birthday; October 31, 1991

•orientation; Boy Crazy

•race; Japanese

-L O O K S
•hair color; Blue bangs and white hair.

•eye color; Crimson Red

•height; 5'10"

•built; Has a lanky, girlish figure.

-O U T F I T S
-C O M I N G S O O N-

-N O R M A L W E A R
•Always wears an eye cover of some sort. Has skull on it.

• Shirt says 'Escape Reality' and 'Reality' is upside-down and backwards.

•Sleeves cover up his hands.

•Wears grey belt, but shirt covers half of it.

•Pants are layered with different colors and has straps that stick out.

-A B O U T
•P E R S O N A L I T Y; Yandere, playful, ignorant, stubborn, lazy, and pushy.

Onyx works for the Mafia 'Escape Reality' and is the top class Assassin. He is lazy with his job though. Whenever he is on missions, he likes to play around, rather than be serious. Put whenever he kills someone, he loves to play around with them first.

He hates that his partner, Shiro, is always so serious. He loves to push him around, though it never works. Onyx always wants things his way and no other. When things don't go his way, he'll just be stubborn and not do anything.

•B I O; Onyx was just a regular murderer before he joined the Mafia. He would always play with the dead bodies he killed and let the police clean up his mess.

After he 'met' Shiro, he was forced to join 'Escape Reality' and be there number body guard for the head and the number assassin. He just had to be partnered up Shiro. Truthfully, he didn't like it at all. But then he met Ren. The former body guard for the head. He never knew that Ren would be the body guard for the girl he was going to kidnap! Everytime they tried to attack her, Ren would be there to foil everything.

Soon Onyx just, sorta, fell in love with him and his emotionless ways. It just turned him on so much.

-R E L A T I O N S H I P S
Saito; Onyx just ignores Saito and pretends he's not there. He would just literally walk over him and either try to glomp Ren or attack Tsubaki.

Ren; Even though they are fire and ice, Onyx has a burning love for him.

Tsubaki; Onyx took a liking to Tsubaki in a way. When he's not attacking her, he would visit her and ask for advice to 'whoo' Ren.

Nikki; Onyx and Nikki are not at good temrs. Nikki is always clinging to Ren whenever Onyx is around. Even though Nikki likes Ren as a brother, it's sort of like a 'love Rivalry' between them.

Shii; Onyx hate Shii. She is always in the way and helping Ren stop him. It annoys him so much.

-R E F E R E N C E S

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