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Kitty's Journal
My journal consists of random stuff like WWE pay per views and special events, and also other things. oh and please comment I want to know what you think. ^.^
XXX Blood Chapter two
Chapter Two: “Sunday Mishap”

The sun glistened into the room its rays weak against the fall morning. Mako twisted away from the light hissing.
“Damnit Kitty close the curtain.” He growled, the sun putting him in a bad mood.
“Fine grumpy.” She smiled amused as she slid the curtains back together darkness engulfed the room.
Mako turned looking at kitty, “Why don’t you come back to bed? I don’t see how you can stand the sun this early.”
“I can because I love the mornings and the sun isn’t directly shining, it’s overcast, and Adam will be up soon.” She purred.
He rolled his eyes sitting up he smirks, “Come back to bed please.”
Kitty smiles walking to the side of the bed. She leans looking at him her eyes gleaming evilly.
“No, why don’t you get up?” she grinned walking to the bedroom door, saying as she slipped out, “I’m going to make breakfast.”
“Women.” Mako growled shaking his head, pushing away the covers and getting up.
Although the morning was sunny not light shown in the house. Kitty walked silently through the house, coming into the living room as Adam stretched yawning and opened his eyes.
“Good morning.” Kitty says leaning over the back of the couch.
“Morning.” Adam yawned again sitting up on the couch.
“What do you want for breakfast?” She asks opening the fridge.
“Fried eggs.” Adam answered, “but I didn’t know you could cook.”
Kitty raised her eyebrow at him, and says sternly, “Yes I can cook but I don’t need to very often, seeing as Mako doesn’t eat human food and I don’t need to. So eggs it is.”
She cracks two eggs into a frying pan. The smell of eggs filled the house.
“What is that damn smell?” Mako growled appearing in the kitchen.
“Breakfast.” Kitty purred amused.
Mako shot a glance in Adam’s direction. After breakfast was done and Adam had eaten, they all sat in the living room, Kitty and Mako were trying to explain the whole vampire thing to Adam.
“Kitty I don’t get it, I mean you have to eat sometime right?” Adam asked totally confused.
“Yes that’s right I have to feed to survive.” Kitty answered but Adam’s reaction was more confusing glances.
“Look I’ll explain,” Mako begins, “Kitty don’t have to eat human food, it’s her choice, because she gets her nutrition from the animals she feeds off of, but she can get nutrition from human food as well. You understand now?”
Adam nodded in understanding. A knock came on the door.
“Levi and Keith.” Kitty says softly getting up to open the door.
Sure enough the two stroll in their expressions bleak.
“Hey you two what’s wrong?” Mako asks sensing the uneasy atmosphere.
“There was a human killing last night.” Levi said shifting a glance in Kitty’s direction.
“The victim has her throat ripped out and her room ripped apart.” Keith added in an uneasy cautioned tone.
“And you two think I have something to do with it.” Kitty finished harshly slamming the front door shut.
“All the signs point to you” Levi says warily tensing his muscles ready to defend himself.
“Well it wasn’t me, besides why would I attack a human? I don’t want their scent on me.” She hisses.
“Maybe because the victim was one of Mako’s prey,” Keith announced, “I mean we all know how jealous you can get.”
Kitty’s eyes narrowed to red slits.
“Now come on it wasn’t Kitty, cause she was here all night.” Mako says defensively, meaning the accusation was finished.
Levi and Keith looked at each other.
“Then who could have done it?” The question lingered in the air.
“Probably another vampire, like us. Only this one has lost control and went rabid, “Kitty mumbles, “In this case no one is safe until it’s destroyed.”
Mako, Levi, and Keith nod in agreement.
“Why?” Adam asked totally lost in the conversation.
“Because Adam, a beast with no control becomes a mindless killing machine, and the only way to stop it is to kill it.” Kitty explained her expression serious.
“But if it’s a vampire like you guys it shouldn’t stay right.” Levi said.
“No unfortunately it doesn’t work like that,” Kitty growled, “since it’s make its first kill here without being challenged, it’ll get homesteaded. We’ll have to deal with it immediately. ”
Kitty’s eyes flashed battle-hungry and her muscles flexed.
Mako appeared behind her wrapping her protectively in his arms.
“As much as I would love to disagree, she does have a point. When dark comes we’ll split into two groups I’ll go with Kitty to check town and Levi, go with Keith to check in the woods.” He said
“Ok got it.” Levi nodded.
“What do I do?” Adam asked.
“You will stay here where it’s safe,” Kitty hissed, “This is dangerous.”
Kitty left the room, returning to the bedroom. She opened the closet door and reached up to a self at the top. She pulled down a case and closed the door. She sets the case on the bed and unlocked it. She opens it slowly and stood gazing at the two swords which it held. She picked them up, rubbing the sheaths with her hand. She noticed a present in the room and Mako appeared at her side.
“I thought the time of killing was over for me.” She whispered worriedly.
“What are you so worried about? There’s one of it and four of us, everything will be fine.” Mako soothed.
“Will it be? I’m worried about you and the guys. I don’t want to loose you.” The fear and worry were clear in Kitty’s voice.
“Don’t worry baby. Nothing will hurt me and certainly nothing will touch you.” Mako whispered a smirk on his face.
She leaned against him and he leaned down kissing her.
The moon slowly rose into the night darkening night, washing away all signs of day. Kitty paced restlessly in the living room her senses on high alert. The two swords were strapped around her waist. Mako sat in the recliner his eyes glued to the fading light that washed into the room. Levi and Keith had left and were supposed to return at dark. Adam, who had begged all day to go on the hunt, now sat on the couch arms folded pouting.
“It’s time.” Kitty growled, Mako was already at the door waiting.
“Adam stay here.” Mako growled, following Kitty out. Levi and Keith stood waiting as the two emerge.
“Ready?” Levi asked.
Kitty and Mako both nodded.
“Now begins the hunt to search and destroy.” Kitty growled, her eyes red slits.
The four split up heading to patrol. The trees rustled as a shape jumped to the ground and slipped into the night heading towards town.

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