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Nikai's Pirate Life
journal.....thats basically what it is
I was standing on the bow of the ship looking out to the open sea during the sunset. "Well, isn't that a beautiful sight?" I heard Ezen say. I turned to look at him. When I looked at him, he had kissed me!!! I was already with Ace and he is still kissing me!!!

"Wh-What are you doing?" I asked. He shrugged his shoulders. I looked around and expected to see nothing, but instead I saw Ace. He looked at me horrified. "Ace..." I tried to tell him what happened but he ran from me.


(Ace's POV)


Why did she kiss him? Why? She said she loved me but she kissed Ezen. I ran to my room and Spade was sitting on his bed. "What happened to you." Spade asked me. "Nothing." I lied. "...Ok." he said.

I heard a knock at the door. "Ace please I'm sorry. Ace will you come out?" Nikai asked me. "No!" I snapped. "Please I'm sorry!" she yelled through the door. "Go Away!" I snapped again. I heard her footsteps die away. "So...nothing happened?" Spade asked suspisiously. "Forget it." I said.

I fell asleep after that. That morning Spade was getting ready to get some breakfast. "You gonna get food?" he asked me. "No, she may be there." I said. "Skipping breakfast just because you're afraid to see her." he said. "No...well yeah and I'm not hungry." I said.

Days later Lunell came in to see Spade. "Hey Spade, Ace." she said then kissed Spade on the cheek. "Ace, Nikai...well she, she left. She thought you didn't love her anymore." She told me. I jumped to my feet. "Oh, yeah and she hasn't eaten anything since the day Ezen kissed her and you yelled at her."

I ran out. Down into the town we were ported at. I didn't know where to start. I ran until I found her. She was passed out on the road. My eyes were wide in shock. I picked her up and ran her back to the ship. Once I was at the deck I collapsed in tears. "Nikai I'm sorry. I'm SORRY!" I yelled. I held her close to me. "Nikai stay with me please just stay with me." I begged.

"Ace get out of the way we need to take her to the infirmary." Lunell said trying to pull me away from Nikai. "NO! No I want to stay by her side." I held her even closer to me. "Nikai don't leave me don't!" Tears falling down my cheeks.

"Ace MOVE!!" Spade yelled pulling me away from her. I was able to give her a kiss before she was taken to the infirmary. I ran back to my room before I collapsed on my bed crying my eyes out. "Ace, she'll be fine." Lunell tried to convince me but it wasn't working. "It's all my fault. Blame me." I said. "No one is blaming you Ace." Spade said. "Why are you trying to take her!? Take me instead!" I shouted towards the heavens. "Ace," Lunell made me look at her. "She is going to be fine."

I was silent for the next few hours. "Forget this I'm going to go see her." I said. I went to the infirmary and saw her lying there peacefully. I sat in a chair next to her bed. I held her hand. "Nikai, please I'm sorry. I never wanted this to happen. Wake up please. I was just shocked that you let him kiss you." I said to the still sleeping Nikai. I hugged her but I felt her arms snake around my neck. "Ace...I still love you. I-I didn't want to kiss him, h-he kissed me. I-I'm sorry." she said. "Don't worry Nikai. It was my fault. Nikai I'm sorry I never ment to hurt you. I-I almost caused you your death." I said still crying. "No, I did. I'm the one who starved myself." she said.

"Ace get me out of here. I don't want to stay here. I hate infirmaries. It-It reminds me of what happened to my parents." she said. So, I picked her up and brought her to my room. "Ace?! What are you doing?!" Lunell yelled at the sight of me carrying Nikai. "She asked me to take her out of there, so i did." I said. I put her on my bed so she could rest. "Oh,"

"Ace you have to go take her back." Spade said. "NO! Please don't take me back." Nikai said. "I won't take her back. She hates infirmaries." I said.

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