When I'm numb I hardly feel a thing. Everyone knows that your curren state of mind reflects your writing style, and most importantly your thought process. For once, I amwriting a true journal entry though you will not have the whole story nor will you have its prequel written last night in a depressive rage- and by rage I do not mean anger. So here is the sequel to the information you do not have, keep that in mind as you read it. There is so much you do not know even if you know the situation in which I am talking about. Everything you need to know is in the first in which I will not post and do not think I will share with anyone. And I mean ANYONE.

I want to push him away, as far away as possible. I don’t want him to hurt me anymore. It is so easy for him to discard me, especially when things get rough. This reminds me of my sister. My sister and I have fought over stupid s**t like this before. It might take a couple of days, but it doesn’t last long. We kiss and make up and move on. But a sibling relationship is drastically different from a friendship one in the aspect that friends are by no means attached to you. We don’t see each other every day and put up with each other 24/7. There is link obligating the other to stay. The friendship link is valuable because it is fragile. Can it stand up to the true tests of time and wear? Or will it corrode under the pressure of heated words and constant attacks? It is so easily severed. My sister and I always make up, but not friends. Those true friends will stand by you no matter what. Can you separate the loyal ones from the fake? I can.

I do believe I have written a rather awful poem regardng the aspects of true friendship. Some friends make you question whether they are tough enoguh to stick it out or want to take the easy way out and salvage their pride. At least I own up to my wrongs. Can you say the same for yourself?