The eagle landed on the colossal bough of an old tree, its body tense and alert for any signs of danger. It was used to humans by now, but no creature could be safe in their eyesight. Or out of their eyesight, too, for that matter, the large bird thought pessimistically.

Looking around for just a moment, the eagle took flight again and turned south. As the not-so-modest bird made its way over the steep mountains of Rollah, large human settlements could be seen skirting particularly large summits or robust tributaries of the Jaqlin River in Zeinamarr.

After scooting around a particularly large mountain range, the eagle turned east, the brink of the horizon matted with a sprawling forest. I should stop soon for the night. Find a good place for camp, the eagle thought to itself. The eagle dived, landing swiftly on the open plain of Kaetayenir, the province of royalty.

The eagle looked around before ruffling its feathers. In a matter of moments, the king predator of the skies was human. Partially human; the traveler was a shape shifter. A mage.