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Pleaz, pleaz, PLEAZZZ comment after you read my stories!!! I luv comments.
Mara's Story
Chapter 4: The Day After
"Dorothy Gale?" Tilara repeated. She rubbed the bandage on her cheek sorely. "She's actually real?" "I guess so." Mara admitted. "She saved me." "Illogical." Naomi said, readjusting her head bandage. "Isn't she a fictional character?"
"She might not be ficitonal after all." Ahna suggested, tying a bandage around her hand. Mara's head fell. "I'm so sorry that I let you guys get hurt." she said miserably. Naomi shook her head and smiled, "We were distracting them so you could get away." "It's our responsibility to protect you." Ahna smirked playfully. "Ain't no one, human or demon, gonna mess with you on our watch." Tilara said confidently, poking herself in the chest with a sore thumb.
Mara wiped away a tear of guilt and smiled at her friends. "Thanks, but what about you?" Tilara smirked and leaned in closer, saying, "You owe us nothing. Which two of us came to your rescue when that jerk Chung Nan-Soo was messin' with ya?" Mara smiled and said, "You and Ahna." Naomi just sweatdropped. Of course, she couldn't do anything. Just like Mara, she was a girl that never had experience with fighting. Just studying.
"So, from what she told you...." Tilara said to herself, placing a hand to her mouth. "We could make a wicked sweet action movie out of Oz?" "I guess so." Ahna chuckled. "That's pretty cool. Clones, androids, chimeras, witches, faeries........" Pause. "But there has to be flying monkeys." Tilara said. "Yes." Naomi nodded. "No Wizard of Oz is complete without authentic flying monkeys." Ahna finished with.
Mara had to laugh a little. At least her friends were ok. But something strange was happening to her. She would look at her friends and occaisionally see them as totally different people. Boys, to be exact. Ahna's ponytail would've been chopped off and occasionally, the boy Ahna would look at her and his eyes would glow a white-ish-gold.
Naomi would keep her hair the way it is, but her arms would be robotic and her face expressionless. Like she would have no emotions. As for Tilara, her hair would acutally get longer and be kept in a ponytail. But the newest features she'd gain were cat ears and a lion's tail. These images also came with other people. Ms. Riah, Ms. Lette, Mrs. Ena, Ms. Da, Biyowei and a friend of theirs, Indi.
Speaking of Indi, the girls haven't seen him since he and his garage band went for a gig in the city. She heard that he finally returned. "Should we go check on Indi?" she asked the girls. The others nodded and joined Mara in walking to Indi's garage.
Suddenly, a cloaked figure joined them. Removing her hood, it showed Dorothy. "Hi." she said. This made the other three jump a little. "Oh, hi!" Tilara smirked to the older woman. As Dorothy followed closely, she glanced towards the sky. Her eyes narrowed when she saw a dark shadow fly overhead. She just knew that something was going to happen.
It's been a long time since I uploaded any Dorothy of Oz prolouges....or Ninjas of Bodacity.......or Chibi Pirate. sweatdrop Gomenasai!!!! I'll try! I promise!

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