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*sigh* sorry I get carried away sometimes...
The boy who used to be (ch. 3)
The boy who used to be

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Naruto related.

Summary: In the beginning it was just flashes, flashes of a face or a voice, even flashes of feelings. Then they started to grow...

Pairings: No pairings but if you really want to you could take it as a slight Kaka/Obi/Naru fic

Chapter Three:

Naruto watched on as the copy-cat nin tied their grumbling female teammate to the weather worn, training stump. Sasuke was sitting to her right, leaning back against his own stump, with the blonde sitting opposite him to her left.

“Well then because Sakura got caught in that simple genjutsu and did the least amount of fighting she doesn’t get to have lunch”

Naruto glared as Kakashi handed both himself and Sasuke their bento box’s with amusement shining in his only visible eye. Glancing at Sakura, he felt a knot twist in his gut at the embarrassed and disappointed look on her face as her stomach let loose a rather loud rumble. He didn’t even bother opening his like Sasuke did, if Sakura had to go hungry then so did he!

“Well now, I feel like I should be informing you all of the hidden meaning behind today’s test but it seems someone already had that figured out from the start” This was followed with a rather bland stare in the blondes direction.

Naruto nervously scratched the back of his head smiling shakily back at the jounin

“Teamwork. A good shinobi knows that teamwork is an essential part of successfully completing missions and assignment giving to them by our Hokage, and those who don’t - or rathershould I say can’t understand that don’t deserve to wear our village’s Hitai-ite.”

Naruto’s entire focus was solely on Kakashi hanging on to the older nin’s every word, even Sasuke and Sakura were listing intently to the serious tone in the jounin’s voice.

“Those who break the rules are Trash, but those who-“

“-abandon their teammates are worse than trash” mumbling the last part to himself under his breath Naruto stole another glance at Sakura tied up beside him hungry and miserable. Picking up his unopened lunch the blonde held it out to his female teammate the same time as Sasuke offered the rest of his.

“Here, we’re teammate’s right? So eat. You’ll only slow us down otherwise” The blonde growled as the last Uchiha finished speaking, looking away still holding out his bento in offering.

“b*****d!!! YOU-“

“Thank you Sasuke-kun!” shocked Naruto turned to gape at the starry-eyed adoration Sakura was giving the other boy.

“B-but Sakura-chan!! Awww...” Hanging his head in defeat he turned back to their sensei only to find him gone...

*O*B*I*T*O*N*A*R*U*T*O*O*B*I*T*O*N*A*R*U*T*O* O*B*I*T*O*N*A*R*U*T*O*

Kakashi glanced up from his little orange book to watch Team 7 as they worked on their latest mission, gardening for Yamashita-san. Sasuke and Sakura where having no problems picking out the weeds from the flowers, though Naruto had somehow gotten it into his head that everything from grass to Tulips were weeds.

“Mah, Mah Naruto go slower you’re pulling up the flowers you won’t get paid if you destroy the clients garden”

“B-but Kakashi-sensei! They all look the same to me! How am I supposed to tell the flowers from the weeds?”

Sasuke interrupted the conversation before he could give his answer to the distressed blonde “Hn, if you had just been paying attention at the beginning dope you would have heard Yamashita-san’s explanation”

“Yeah, Naruto start paying attention! If we don’t get paid because of you, I’ll be taking my cut out of your hide, you hear me!” Sakura added shaking a threatening fist in said boy’s direction.

“Hehe, uh y-yeah I got it! I got it!” turning back to his book as the genin went to work again Kakashi thought to himself how he landed himself with such a disfuncional team. ‘ahh... I beat Asuma and Kurenai don’t have to put up with this sort of stuff.... well, at least Kurenai doesn’t’

*O*B*I*T*O*N*A*R*U*T*O*O*B*I*T*O*N*A*R*U*T*O* O*B*I*T*O*N*A*R*U*T*O*

With the sun beating down on his back as Naruto and the rest if team 7 continued on with their work, pulling down the collar of the jacket he noticed how much he was sweating under all his clothes. Unzipping his bright orange jacket he shrugged it off and tossed it to the side, out of the way. Glancing over at his teammates he noticed they were both sweating as well though not as much as him seeing as they were both wearing short sleeved shirts. Moving his gaze over to their sensei he frowned taken in the relaxing jounin’s appearance, he was hurled up in the cool, shade of the only tree in the garden lounging on the lowest brunch, while comfortably reading from his smutting romance book.

Grumbling the blonde turned back to his weeding with a frown firmly planted on his whiskered face. ‘Stupid jounin he could at least help out at little to make the job go faster!’ his mind wandered as he remembered the other silver haired child from his latest dreams.

“Obito? Hey come on we’re on a mission stop spacing out!” The newly graduated genin turned to glare at his Smiling Sensei

“Mission?! This isn’t a mission, all we’re doing is looking for some stupid cat!! I thought our first mission would be something cool, like saving a princess or beating up some nasty bandits” The blonde jounin just smiled amused at his little tantrum.

“Now, now Obito these missions are good practice for future missions, everyone does them even I did when I was a genin!” slightly mollified that his sensei also suffered thought these degrading missions he turned to his teammates only to be meet with an ‘I-am-better-than-you-cause-your-an-idiot’ stare from the silver haired, 6 year old protégé

“What?! You got a problem with me you little brat?!” next thing he knew he was eating dirt, and sporting a rather large and very sore lump on his head....

“Don’t be so mean to Kakashi-kun, Obito!!!” spitting out the dirt, he looked up at the angry konuchi flinching when he noticed the still raised fist ready to deliver more pain if needed. Getting up off the ground the dark haired boy shot a glare at the youngest member of the team out of the corner of his eye, the smug brat just turned away, though Obito could swear he was smirking under that mask of his.

Snapping back to the present Naruto noticed

They had almost finished weeding and Kakashi was off to the side chatting with their implorer about the pulled up flowers, needless to say he didn’t look happy ‘oops?’

*O*B*I*T*O*N*A*R*U*T*O*O*B*I*T*O*N*A*R*U*T*O* O*B*I*T*O*N*A*R*U*T*O*

Scanning over the D rank mission list The Hokage looked up at the genin standing across the room looking haggard and worn ‘hm, perhaps an easier mission for now’

“Well it seems the Daimyo’s wife has lost her cat and nee-“

“THAT THING IS STILL ALIVE?!!!” Everyone’s head snapped towards the Blonde at his outraged shout staring at him as though he’d just lost his head.

“hehe, uh I mean... a kitty cat? How cute!”

*O*B*I*T*O*N*A*R*U*T*O*O*B*I*T*O*N*A*R*U*T*O* O*B*I*T*O*N*A*R*U*T*O*

“No sign of the target, Sakura?”

“Sorry, No sign from my position”

Naruto ignored the radio buzzing in his ear in favour of silently taking position behind their target. ‘Alright! Your mine stupid cat!’ crouching down low to the ground he shifted his weight slightly ready to pounce.

‘Jumping out of the bush he grabbed the target by the tail and heaved.

“MEOW!!! *hiss*“


Okay so maybe pulling its tail wasn’t the best idea, especially when it has claws. Needless to say it hurt like a mother fuc-

Breaking out of the memory as Sasuke burst through the bush and snatched up the cat.

(A/N: The following scene has been censored due to Sasuke’s horrible potty mouth. ^w^”)

After Sasuke handed over the cat to the female member of them 7, though Naruto though it looked like he was throwing it. They headed back to the tower to finish up their mission, and then it was time to head home.

*O*B*I*T*O*N*A*R*U*T*O*O*B*I*T*O*N*A*R*U*T*O* O*B*I*T*O*N*A*R*U*T*O*

OMG!!!! I hope your happy with this short chappy!!! I was going to write a little more.... but.... I’ll just save it for the next chapter!! ^w^

BTW: I only write in my spare time soooo don’t expect quick updates.

comments are loved!!! OwO

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