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Dragon Theory's Place of Knowledge.

Cloud Reikasu
Community Member

[color=blue]*[size=18][b][The Case][/b][/size]

Here will be the nature of the "crime" if any, and will include all information about what has taken place.[/color]

[color=darkblue]*[size=18][b][The Defendant][/b][/size]

Will include the name of the person(s) on trial, as well as his/her status within the G.E. [i](including any strikes, medals, ranks, etc.etc.)[/i]

[b]Miharu-Murasama Rights[/b]: [i]"They have the right remain silent upon the moment of arrest. Anything they say can and will be used against them in a Court of the Council. They have the right to submit there case twice to the Council. Based on there submitted statement, if in fact Council finds solid evidence that makes there statement untrue, they will be left to the mercy of the Council and punished on how the Council sees fit."[/i]



Here will be the evidence [i](if any)[/i] that is put forth by the three Captains, as well as anyone with further information [i](who will remain anonymous unless the need arises).[/i] Names of witnesses will also be placed here. [/color]

[size=18][b][The Ruling][/b][/size]

Here will be the current choices and votes of the [b]Council[/b] [i](Council Members)[/i], and will display the current decisions the Council is voting on. [/color]

[Final Verdict][/b][/size]

The Final Verdict of the Defendant will be here, based on the Ruling of the Council. The Final Verdict can, at any time, be overruled by the [b]Guild Leader and his Vice-Captain(s)[/b], the [b]Council[/b], or the three [b]Omnitsukido Captains[/b].[/color][/align]

*The Case may not always be something bad. It could just be a huge misunderstanding.

*The Defendant may not always be guilty, and will remain innocent until proven guilty.

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