I'm so stressed out from all this homework they throw at you at school and I am under pressure from my friend's and bf! I need a vacation! I am going on vacation on October 17 with my twin and little sister! Finally a break from all this stress! I am starting to take a pill for all this pressure! I can't stand it anymore! I feel like crap, don't get much sleep, and I worry about to many things! Ahhh! My life sucks! Also I'm always depressed and I failed a Language Arts test today! I'm so depressed about that and I study! Why! I love going to Church on Weds. It helps me connect with my inner self and I feel peace and quiet and I actually enjoy being there with some of my friends! I meet new people! Maybe my life isn't all that bad after all! I just half to look at the good things in life and not the bad things! I love thinking about good things it makes me so happy inside and my heart doesn't feel like it is dieing when I think about the good times in my life! mrgreen