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Welcome to the dark place.
Erigion was sleeping peacefully, for once his dreams were not those filled with screams and pain but simply nothingness.

thanks to doc Harvey the girls condition had improved greatly, she was now conscious and eating. the maids down stairs were spoiling her with treats and fancy clothes.allot of them would probably never become mothers so they relished this time with the child.

there was a knock at the door.
a few seconds past.
then another knock.

erigion opened his eyes.
"enter" he said half heartedly.
a tall man walked through the door at least he thought it was a tall man the truth was erigion wasn't sure what it was all he knew was something was there and his mind was telling him it was a tall man.

"we have been watching."it said, its voice was followed by an odd echo as if several voices spoke at once.
erigions eyes began to focus but the figure remained a blur, was this a dream? or perhaps some kind of magic?
"we know what needs to be done." it said
"and that is?" erigion asked
" you know what it is" the shape said moving closer to erigion
"however..we do not know if you are capable" it continued
"we have seen to it however, some have been awakened to aid you" it said
erigion sat calmly taking all this information in
"you have done well by saving the child.it was no accident stroud found her."it said
"what do you know of stroud?!" erigion questioned it
"he is fine and will arrive here shortly with one other,she is one of the awakened"
for some reason erigion knew that this entity could be trusted.
"i was always under the impression the divine could not interfere with matter here on the mortal plain" erigion said.
"we fear that soon his will not be a mortal plain." it said
"we also have no intention of interfering, this is more of let us say a clue in what must be done."it said as if slowly negated it self from all existence.

meanwhile in one of the many forests of darkwood, bobbit was putting on a few spare clothes stroud had in his pack, obviously they were mens clothes and didn't fit very well but it was better than being naked she thought.
stroud sat with his back to the now human girl as she changed he couldn't help but think about her slender naked body, it had been too long since he had layed eyes on such things, he quickly shock the thought from his head this was not the time or place for it.

"k im all done" bobbit said
"what do you think?" she asked

stroud turned and looked at the girl although she was quite small framed the old legion uniform looked good on her except the neck scarf was around her head keeping her hair from her eyes, still it complimented her nicely.

"it suits you" he answered
she let out a small giggle
"your just saying that" she said after
"no really i would never of thought it but it does look good" he said to her.
her face began to blush and her ears perked up over her head scarf, now that he looked stroud had only just noticed she still had her wolves ears.

"thats odd" he said aloud
"what is?" bobbit asked
stroud pointed at her head.
"oh those..i don't mind i've had them for a long time, kinda got used to em at least i can still hear well though" she said smiling.

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