I miss you, Anime North! LOL! I've haven't been to the convention in 2 years... it doesn't seem like a long time but it does (to me) since it's a one time event per year... unless I decide to go to FanExpo in August. The weekend that AN was taken place has just passed. I thought what I would of seen and do if I attended and who I'd meet and tag along with (or tagging along with me) all weekend. I missed a lot of awesome and exciting cosplays from what I've seen so far but that's okay!

Skipping this year has helped me to be honest. I made a resume (hoping to get a job soon), studied for my G1 and maybe saving up money for my next cosplay. I want to save up for school though because I'd feel terrible for my parents paying a lot of money for me. Sounds kind of greedy... but it'd be nice to have some of my own money for cosplaying, charity, having fun and paying my parents back. I know that's what they're suppose to do but I still feel awful for not doing anything about it. Money isn't everything, I know that ^_^ Too bad I need money to do the things I love -__- I hate being lazy and want to do something active all the time but I can't get a job! Y_Y the economy sucks in Canada at the moment XD

Hmm... cosplays... I'm a fan-girl of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, I guess... actually, I know so! I love the game. Especially Ghost, Soap and Roach! Lol. It'd be thrilling to cosplay as an airsoft version of Ghost. I don't feel like having a mohawk just for Soap... that's a bit intense. One thing I'd never do for cosplaying is abuse my body. I won't go on a crazy diet to be a character for a couple of days. Heck, that's really repulsive to do! Sure quality is nice but I'd never do that. Getting into character is different.

So maybe it was a good thing that I missed AN10... I miss the excitement of walking around and seeing people dress up and making new friends, plus, the awesome art gallery and events that AN has. Next year will be even better though. More time to plan, make a cosplay, save up money and some freedom since I'll be 18 at the time (so I don't have to get my parents to sign me in or out of the hotel rooms, haha!). Money isn't everything, of course. When it comes to fun and interactive things... it tends to be pricey... like snowboarding and traveling -__- *sighs*