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SAM . . . . what up.
uh yeah . . . i don't know yet. . . daily problems, poems [i have a lot], songs [alot of dem too], short stories, um yeah....
we pass in this world holding strong,
on the feelings we hide,
acting like nothing is wrong,
never knowing who is hurt inside,
you hurt me i know your hurting too,
you think it's easy for me to move on,
but believe me when i say there is no one new,
i pretend i'm strong,
but it's charade i play,
i'm tired of crying tired of hurting,
i want it all to just stop,
i can't stop the caring the worrying,
it hurts too much,
i don't want to deal with this anymore,
but i just can't stop

i love you and my feeling won't change
no matter what happens
but now the pains has stopped
the hurting has ceased
we together again so happy again
i love you so much
i don't know what i was thinking
seriously how could i live my life without you
i love you and never want to part from you
and if anything should ever happen
i just don't know what i'd do
i just can't imaging life without you


Blessing Or Curse?
love feels like heaven
but can hurt like hell
love is it a blessing or a curse?

you tell your self
your over someone everyday for years,
but the moment you see that person
everything fades away,
every word you told your self,
every thing you said you wouldn't do,
every promise you made your self
You Break Down
getting over some one isn't just a one day thing
it takes every single day of your life

but when all is said and done
wen you find someone you love
and loves you for being you
your complete; everything is perfect
love, it fills every void,
heals every wound
can turn two broken hearts
into one complete soul

love feels like heaven
but can hurt like hell
so is it a blessing or a curse?


Pasr Present and Future
we are over,
he said we're finished,
but why do i still love him,
why do i still care,
why can't i get over him,
why can't i forget him,
my heart won't let me
my heart is not
ready to let go

my feeling aren't gone,
i'm not trying to move on,
why won't anybody see,
stop trying to find out,
what's right for me,
i'm not ok, i'm not fine,
how can i be when he's not mine,
you ask me the same questions,
stop and back the ******** off,
my answers haven't changed,
as long as the feelings,
have stayed the same,

so now i live life,
hiding behind a mask,
never showing
what's built up inside,
i play this game,
only few have won,
this thin mask
only deceived by fools,
they see me smiling,
they see me cheerful,
sorrows and sadness,
never shown,
happy and carefree,
always known.


i'm tired of this masquerade,
living with this fasquade,
i can't breath,
but living without it,
will be the hardest thing,
i'll ever have to do,
i'm not sure how i'll live,
but i know,
this mask wasn't for me


endless writing
I know the truth now
nothing is ever as it seems
you had such an innocent look
but innocence is nothing you portray
you and i seemed so alike
but completely different i had learned,
there is no comparison between you and i
was i wrong to be curious?
was i so wrong to wonder?
why you wanted me?
i was nothing to be desired,
yet you desired me,
i wondered why,
but all you saw was innocence,
you only crave innocence,
why did you choose me?
because no one else wanted me?
i truly was nothing to be desired,
innocence hard to be found,
why did you find it in me?
why didn't you leave me be?
you and i seemed so alike
nothing is ever as it seems
i was hurt and your to blame
stay away and never come back
i don't wanna see you face
i don't want to share the same air
you stole something from me
i can never get it back
how will you re-pay me?
i don't think i can be done,
i want you to feel my pain.
my anger burns within
my passion grow stronger
i want you to feel my pain
you stole my innocence
you lost my trust
i hate you, get away from me


it hurts so much
to see you with her,
my heart breaks to pieces,
you called me here,
you leave to go there,
now i'm sitting here all alone
you left me here
knowing how i feel,
leaving me to wonder,
why you keep me around?
are you leading me on?
just how do you feel about me?
i feel so confused,
i feel so numb,
you seemed so neutral,
nothing phases you,
but you can hurt me
with just a stare,
don't stare at her,
it hurts so much,
i hurt.
i feel so much pain,
should i just give up?


ok . . . .poetry slam
it's been a while since i've written
so i'm going to post a few poems i wrote a while back.
warning: during this time i kinda when through a depressing stage.
you have been for warned



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