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Samuel's Poetry & Thoughts - I'm an open book. Clear conscience. Just, days are sort of not knowing what to do. So, why not. Maybe someone can give me advice despite my clueless and dogma. - Very blunt yet obscured.
The Problems I See
The Biden Administration, I blame my elders and media along with others determining of law to take down a political opponent. They charge at the man of constitutional law under the count of transgressions. Wherewith is the crime but that of New York's judgement and hypocrisy?

The man himself disliked for being an outsider, yet of like He, you have a grudge against a country's freedom and this is not to idolize a man.

For the elder shall not be pardoned by the courts and the council betrays my LORD. The electorates if they are wise, will not defend the hypocrisy of the courts like that of the old ten year democratic party compared to that of the way Alvin Brag a judge handled the situation of the courts.

Yet the judge, was young in his days He chose the side of crooks. The illegality of much entered with terrorists into the land allowed by the federalists in the leadership, and thus executive actions would have been handled by the economical strains, done intentional to brainwash the nation that was free.

Your world wars, are caused by those of council who hated you as your lands took advantage of the public domain. I watch from the stone house observing you, but have spoken nothing about much in the later because their voices would be mute or silent. Gaza had its chance, and yet it was torn for supporting the terrorists conduct. Palistine shall be free? - Beg to differ, how about free the colleges from the riots you of people caused in the left and right, and go to Gaza where the Mideast war belongs. You have made it unsafe for the Jews and more who were blamed throughout history, now it is your turn O elder of illegal immigration to blame.

You of the democratic over ten years have torn a nation, and divided it. But they whom do not last under you, shall mock and scorn you for your deeds.

You of the desert who screwed up Israel, be warned O Hamas, and people who were radical in the education sector, Israel shall find you and wipe you. Where the administration has not helped its people, and caused full inflation in the economical gains. A cease fire in the courts of the UN and more is a joke of the courts among them and those who took over with leftist hands.

When I speak, with their so called election if there is a valid excuse, it shall be on November the fifth. Remember the Fifth of November the gun-powder plot against Parliment? We are not Germany to that of the Dutch and Syrian rebels that caused the V-vendetta crisis. Does life history repeat itself before me?
Germany, I blast the UK, in this, for the EU had a chance to stop dictators like Putin at your boarders. Do not Russia and Germany want to stop a killer or must he reach as far as Poland to more?

Your situations of Ukraine verse Russia, preventable not so yet restrain further a outcome.

You in the media stream caused the issues, and have known a full stories of the rings of Iran and Russia and China and Korea. Some of the issues though inevitable were some preventable. I known since the days of liar Fauchi and that of the Wuhan Virus - or was it the Chrona Virus, that wiped out world cultures.
The Doctors shall not lie under oath but their deed is their undoing.

I have seen the oppressed people but not of your stance, yet I see others refuse to speak, mocking my land, as others mock their own homes. Sending criminals to my land through the law, I have no respect for the democratic assault on the Far West.

Since the days of Julien Assauge, and Edward Snowden, to that of Barack Obama and more liberal trash like Hilary Clinton or James Comy and those of the senate non-existing of the Bernie Sanders Era, ought to be kicked from the federal office positions of which they hold. That being Omar to Corblazio, illegal terrorists that promoted the backbone of stupidity promoting illegality of much against Israel. You American Marxists!

I laugh at the indulgent who still support Joe Biden. Though I shall laugh at the law more if it turns out they are the crooks in office. Soon your promotion of illegality, shall be the guard of many and the ones of you shall fight this war.
You radical people decided lets wipe Christianity off the map.

The man Biden and his sons were crooks along with his admin, the damage had been done. And so, we have our results today. Why wait to brainwash people and address the illegals in the country? Or do you hire them for the basis for your party in order for them to vote for you, you crooked piece of scum.

Meanwhile take every crime the democrats had committed towards the people whether or not they are republican or Trump supportive. Though I do not idolize a man. For I was an individual watching a man lose his rights as one man stood for American virtues and that of stability.

So I shall test you at all beliefs. So states the LORD to me. The family divided over something of much, policy parties. Republican and Democrat.

If they were wise, they would send Israel to my land to wipe Biden and Hamas
for what they caused and send every one of the illegals out who sent criminals to our land killing decent American people out west.

As far as time is concerned, I am righteous to acknowledge my own faults observing the world as ten years passes and me remain mute.

From that of the Texas Boarder, to many more where you settle. Of whom shall flee? The refuge of greater peace is your strength. For time shall sort you out before me.

Since the time of BLM, a racist c**t you are Joe Biden and Obama does not deserve the peace prize but a marker of some grave with his secretaries that were in the global BLM movement found on a website that was taken down.
That was because of the movements of George Floyd who was running from a crime. But you the idiots were like defund the protections of a people.
All places since the time of furgason demand a recount.

Show me, your evidence. If you do not want peace in the West, you shall not have it in the Farther East, whereas other areas are left undisturbed.
Let the people not be a criminal in the law system. But that is up to the electorate boards and the people.

The best thing I had seen though people mourn, is that of a terrorist leader dying in a helicopter crash. Yet the people would blame the US when they had nothing to do with it. So you took a five days mourning, and yet society would be stupid to mourn over a killer, than the amount of lives lost? Shame on the world.

Since 9-11, I remember them those of developers and more to my school days. My memory, is your ten year story from 2012-2024. It will blow your mind that if you people were actually serious, you would have more respect for my country.
And they will find you each whom support riots and more against a people guilty.

The American people shall address with us the government and media, and you have been warned. If it is left to the states, New York, shall not manage the people for they are not the existence of the supreme court for whom each right has been violated with a non-existing senate under a democratic or diplomatic sham.

From Chinese nationals to illegal people from the Far East, trying to breach bases, you will hopefully be shot or deported if found. It will not happen here, because we do not have harsh laws for criminals taken into account. But, we shall warn them that if they are not documented, you have no business in a location. If you are not peaceful, you have no business with the land of peace. For you have shut the gates of paradise to that of others who want peace and killed your own. You each understand what you do.

The constitutional father, or one who studies a constitution, in him do I trust though not knowing the laws do I. Yet a man who strangely follows the law, can abide by the law for which it was a crook towards its own. The law-breaker can follow the laws, and so can the rebel. Indeed one is not a zealot but a citizen.

You each of New York, made a mockery of the justice system. Be proud and much of people scoff at you and this nation.

So did the days of more.
October 7th they of Israel were attacked.
Remember 9-11? and the college campuses?
I remember Isis
and thanks to Biden's stupidity and more the terrorists are alive.
Some dying through misfortune to more of own story.

Listen to the words of Billy Gram. It shall throw the world into peace and war against much of them who caused it to begin with. Yet, I must blast Biden Administration and more for allowing the death of Israel chance while the world shouts kill the Jews and my people. For we sought with all yet others who were radicals funded your stupid war and not they.

I have nothing to do with the hacker rings and that of Iran, for you were on the web in your days and stole accounts of people.

And now CEO and more of business and law. Felons in the industry. You are the point of my research as a kid in origins, but I remember falling and hitting my head. You send FBI agents to my house again. I will greet you with a warm welcome and say, what the hell were you thinking. Do not violate my rights again to security some of us as a private citizen.
From the origins of Dutch to Germany and the Businesses of Microsoft and more to Bill Gates who funds China.

China wants world conquest, Israel its freedom, and the US to stop being oppressed by its neighbors and self.

4Chan cases to more of Japan and corporations not to be stated here.
Opsec and Lulzsec, and Anonsec, I hope since the days of Xavier Sabu, you each are found guilty before the courts for what you did to many people hacking them and some of you made the law a joke when I found it on Youtube being sponsored on vice channel to that of the music industry. Hence, Mystery of Actor Seymore and a Vendetta or Dark Webmaster, that should be dead.

Next time I get in trouble over a game I have rights to, that of the DMCA to ESA can go jump in high courts of a hell situation with hot-water as they did to the internet provider. You each rogue in your own provisions not allowing the public to see more than the life that is near them.

I am the last person to talk to about copyright and know the laws of much regarding piracy, and I shall break your industry if you people are against my people in a business. All of you. Or at least expose it of the crooks some of you are. I will not hack you like the thieves, and it is them to be stricken in high places.

A censoring technical world that observes America. Now, the world owes my nation for us guarding stability in the East and more of the West to the world.
You tested the defense of the West, so now shall they war against terror.

As others fled from oppression in historical lands to did not like laws. They are guiltless before the younger days.

I am an older but younger of your days.

Like you did to much under one who defended a nation, the administration has a bounty on their head for which others did not supply their people.

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