dumbface. ♥
camey, i love you. (: simple as that, your freaking amazing & so so so funny (: i love when we text all day long. cause we're weirdo's like that. (; hehe, uhhhm. i'm not really sure what else to say except that your really creepy. (; lol, i'm kidding (: your not creepy...... anyways. you make my day & make me happy & for that i will always love you. (: since you know, nothing last forever. i'll just love you for always ;p so ha! love you cam cam (:
-stupidhead. ♥

Hi CamCam.♥ So uh it's Kaii just hangin around yo' profile be a stalker and having nothing to do better after stuDYING for my finals. But since your my superman and all, I had to do something nice. Did I mention I'm watching a movie while doing this and this guy is really super cute? lol. But yeah lets get back to you.♥ So you're kinda weird but its okay, were all a lil' weird. So like you need to bring your lil 'ol butt to Cali so we can hang and stuff.(: Plus youre my ginger! polka dot, afro circus!.♥♥♥ okay ill be back when im not distracted.... I swear I have an attention span of a pole.. its literally really sad... You should have seen me taking my final..ahaha well im kinda done now. Love you my ginger superman.♥ -Love, Baboon