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My life on MySpace
Hey guys it Debby. When I'm bored I like to tell ppl whats new in my life so I'm just going to share what I find interesting or funny.
I will talk to prty much ANYONE when I'm bored, even if I know that hes going to be a ******** idiot. Read for yourself.. Everything seen here is how it appeaser on my phone
The first night: (immediately after i gave him my number)
J: Hey it Joel
D: Heyy lol
J: What u doing
D: Just listening to music. You?
J: Same how old are u ?
D: 17 you?
J: Same you wanna noe me better ?
D: Lol sure
J: I wud always treat right wink
D: Treat rite?
J: I wud n i wouldn't cheat on u if i say something i mean it (seriously? do i even need to make a comment?)
D: How do i know your not just saying that?
J: Babe trust me i dnt lie
D: Lol well you have to earn my trust. I don't just give it out
J: Kk i will babe =) ur beautiful u noe that <3
D: Lol thanks
J: Babe tell me about u
D: That's kinda hard cuz I don;t know where to begin
J: Im kall u tonite we can start like that u wana smile (i love how he doesnt use Q marks when he asks a Q)
D: I go to bed early and I suck at talking on the phone
J: Grrr babe tell me about u u seem really nice i like that <3
D: How can you tell?
J: I just kno babe what i look for a girl is just personality
D: ***I didn't answer to that***
J: Babe call me smile
D: Thats good. Well I'm going to bed so ill ttul. Gd nt
J: Babiee r u looking forward to kno me more =)
D: Yea (total lie)
J: Awweee u like it if i call u bby or Bbe or cupcake <3 (I was going to say cupcake only because it would have been rlly funny)
D: LOL call me what ever you want
J: Do u like it baby ? ( =O the first time he uses an exclamation point!)
D: Sure
J: Babe i like what i noe about u do u like what u kno
D: Lol you like that i suck at talking on the phone? (because thats the only thing he knos at this point)
J: Its ok babe
***Im receiving a phone call. Guess who?***
J: Bby call meh wink ( not too long ago i told him i was going to bed...so wtf?)
D: I can't talk on the phone. Everyone is sleeping
J: Babe what you like about me so far ?
D: You focus on personality (I should have said "Nothing. I dont kno you" wink
J: Yeh what do u focus on
D: Looks lol jk
J: Babe u think im cute?
D: I didn't look at your pics
J: Kkkk look Babiee i wanna c u
D: ??
J: I wanna c u babe u care about more personality
D: Do you proof read before you send txt msgs? Because I'm not rlly sure what your talking about
J: Na Lols babe i wana c u baby
D: Well that's a problem because I live far away
J: Babe im always around i cud c u how about tomorrow ?
D: No you don't get it. I like 45 min away by car
J: What town babe
D: D******t
J: Yu kno a town name is F******n l***s
D: Nope
J: What town u live by
D: A****e, C*****r, H******h
J: Hawthorn ? (Yea a** hole ******** idiot)
D: No. H******h
J: Look up how far is F******n l***s from ur tgown (I'm not going to look up how far away we live! Wtf do i look like?)
D: I turned off my computer like 20 min ago
J: Dammm babe im feeling u x3
D: We just started talking
J: Im starting too
D: Lol but you know nothing about me and you said you look for personality
J: Yeh im about to start feeling u how about u
D: Its hard for me to start liking someone
J: U can try to babe it wnt hurt u
D: You shouldn't force it
J: Kkk den babe what u wanna noe u coming to fairies tomm (idk if he ment Fairview or HIS town)
D: Fairies?
J: Babe what you look for in a guy ?
D: Personality I guess
J: U c that in me babe
D: *** No ******** response because I already answered that. ******** idiot***
J: Babe i miss u sad

The day after:
J: Hey babe <33
D: Hey
J: What u doing babe
D: Sitting in Spanish class. You? (I shouldn't have asked)
J: Home laying down missing yu
D: ***Ignore***
J: Bby
D: You don't have school today?
J: Na i dnt babe i miss u
D: Its only been a few hrs
J: Shhh Lols i wanna c u babe =) im call u tonite =)
D: ***Ignore***
J: Babe i wanna c u =)
D: I have to write two papers tonight
J: Grrrr babe what u look for in a guy yu c dat in meh ?
D: I don't know you enough
J: So far tho babe?
D: ***Ignore***
J:So what's in ur mind babe ?
D: The essays that I'm supposed to write
J: Oooo when can u c me babe (i love how he asked when i can see HIM)
D: Idk
J: U wanna c me tho
D: Yea (Im in class i cant give him a whole explanation on why I cant and wont)
J: Babe i wanna hear ur voice do u ?
D: ***Ignore***
J: Babe what i noe about u i like how about u ?
D: Thats OD
J: Whats od im out of it try (Try what?)
J: So what u doing today babe ?
D: Sitting in my friends car (I didnt feel like telling him my plans so i just told him what i was doing at the moment)
J: Oooo u have ur permant (He cant even spell permit rite!)
D: Nah. My friend has a license
J: Ooo me i but im take a test n go c u babe i live 40 min away from north Bergen (Wtf was that? lol)
D: ***Ignore***
J: Babe what time u start skool ?
D: 7
J: Me 2 it too early u smoke or drink babe ?
D: Not rlly you?
J: Same babe so what u doing ?
D: Sitting in Math
J: U bored babe ?
D: No
J: Kkkk what's da name of ur town
D: I told you already
J: I forgot babe =/
D: D******t
J: Kkk cus i live 40 min away from n.b
D: And i live 40 min away from NB too but in the opposite direction
J: Maybe u noe where is Lincoln park ?
D: Yea but idk how to get there
J:Omg i noe where that's at
D: Yes. (LOL I DIDNT READ THE MSG RITE!!! How embarrassing lol)
J: My freind lives Der
D: ***IDC Ignore***
2.5 hrs later
J: Heyyy babe
D: Hey
J: What u doing
D: Working on my essay
J: Dammm babe what time u come out of skool
D: I got out at 12
J: Oookkk r u home babe ?
D:***Ignore*** ( I didnt want him to call)
J: Babe so what are you doing
4 hrs later
J: What u doing
D: Writing my paper
J: Oooo babe call me (I'm writing a ******** paper and hes asking me to call? Get the ******** out of here.)
D: When i finish. This paper is due by 11
J: Kkk babe what's the name of ur town again hehe
D: D******t
J: Babe ur mad far but i cud go c u styll
D:***Ignore. Before he says anything else***
3 hrs later
J: Hey babe
D: Hey
J: What u doing
D: Consoling my friend
J: Lmao so what's good cutie (He has no idea what my friend is going through so that rlly pissed me off)
D: How is that funny?
J: Idk im hyper today
J: Babe u think im cute ?

J: Hey babe <3
D: Hey
J: What u doing
D: Sitting in the caf
J: Dammo u have lunch early (I didnt kno the word damn had two "m"s and an "o" wink
D: Yea its sorda gross
J: Yuppie so what class ur in ? (Is he dense? I JUST told him I was in the caf + that s**t isnt even grammatically correct )
D: Lunch
J: Oooo im walking
D: ***Ignore***
J: What class you have next ?
D: I have a free rite now
J: What u doing
.......And from there i just stopped replying

God..the kind of s**t I get myself into

sweet sex n sin
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sweet sex n sin
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