As I wander through this darkness I think back and I wonder...
I think of the times when I came out into the light.
The times when everything was bright.
During those times I was happy, I was glad to be where I was.
Things seemed right and my memories of the darkness started to fade.
I thought that I could stay in the light, that I could be happy.
Those times brought me such joy.
But now in the darkness again I remember the way it always ended.
Sometimes the light slowly faded and I didn't even notice until it was gone.
Other times it went out like a broken bulb, just that fast,
and I was left wondering what had happened.
I wonder if my life might have been better if I had never seen the light.
Those were the best times I’ve ever had
but when I’m forced to return to the dark it seems so much worse every time.
Maybe the light is just put there to punish me for some unknown sin.
Maybe it's just an illusion meant to torment me.
I don't know. I think that it might be better to just try to avoid it.
If I get the chance to see it coming,
just hide in the darkness, pull it around me and hide.
The dark isn't that bad when you get used to it.
But whenever I come back from the light it feels like death.
Then after a while it starts to feel right, almost normal.
I think that the darkness is the way it is supposed to be.
That I’m just fooling myself thinking I can stay in the light.
The darkness is where I’m from and so I guess it's where I’m supposed to stay.
I will walk this darkness, I will make it my world.
I will just stay here, alone, in the dark.
Where I’m meant to be...