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A Day in the Life of a SpringTimeFox Anything I can think of. Weird things, RP ideas, news, whatever.

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I'm pretty sure I've done just about all my favorite color combos by now.
I'm just pulling things from my a** now. Shame on me.

W h a t O t h e r s KNOW
What you see is what you get
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    N A M E.•* Delta Shakira Shakuntala

    G E N D E R.•* I play with flowers and Barbie was my role model.

    S I D E.•* Undecided

    A G E.•* 21

    B I R T H D A Y.•* February 1

    S u p e r N a t u r a L.•*
    I morph. Like... Animals and other people. I can morph into them. And you would think morphing into people would be the easiest, but its not. Their DNA and the structures that make them are so strange... Dont question it unless you've tried it, which you haven't and probably never will. I've tried to morph other people... Lets just say it didn't turn out very pretty and leave it at that. I'm not sure how I figured this out, but one time I was holding onto my dog Jemima and then I was a pit bull too. It was pretty strange. I've learned I have to touch the animal and concentrate on what it is before I can just morph into it. Which is a good thing or I would have turned into a two ton elephant in my livingroom one particularly experimental night. Once I have studied an animal by touching it, I can morph into it. Yes, I can change my gender this way. No, I do not like to. So far in my menagerie of animals in my head, I've become several types of dogs and other household animals, a horse, a few dozen types of birds... Its hard to keep them all straight because its like a piece of them is in me. A bit of their evolutionary genetic code is battling inside me for survival. You could say I have a strong sense of that, survival. When you have the DNA of thirty-plus animals, lets see you fight that primal instinct. Dont be surprised when I run instead of fight. Unfortunately, there are more limits than I can shake a stick at. For starters, I'm not sure how long it would be okay to stay morphed for. Why? The mind and instincts of the animal kicks in and thats hard as hell to control. I can get lost in myself very easily. I've discovered recently that I can speak to people when I'm an animal. Its kind of like... letting you read portions of my mind. Does that make me psychic? Sadly, no.

W h a t Y o u N e e d T o KNOW

    L I K E S.•*
    +Animals [Duh. Well, it would be ironic if I hated them.]
    +People [I cant live without company, even if company can live without me.]
    +KFC [That chicken place? They throw out the best scraps to eat.]
    +Trucks [Sometimes I want to chase them, though I can usually reign that urge in.]
    +Zoos [I have always wanted to work there just so I can touch the cheetahs....]
    +Water [I couldn't live without lakes and stuff. I want to see the ocean.]
    +Movies [I may be a 'child of nature' but I enjoy movies!]
    +Internet [Did I mention I've kept a running blog about my adventures...?]

    D I S L I K E S.•*
    -Guitar Hero [Strumstrumstrumstrumstrum -miss- strum...]
    -Video Games [They're too close-ended and dont offer enough stimulation.]
    -Kids [Can we say touchy, greedy little things? My fur is about to fall out!]
    -Parents [Scold me all you want, I'm not a 'bad dog' for stealing that burger.]
    -School [My excellence dropped off the face of the earth and out of school at 16.]
    -Gorillas [Oh how gorillas scare the s**t out of me...]
    -Hateful People [Life is short, live a little dude.]
    -Dont knock it till you try it [What if you cant try it but the idea sickens you?]

    P E R S O N A L I T Y.•*
    If you couldn't tell by now, I think you're daft. I'm sarcasm at its best, egotism at its worst, and acceptance at its normal level. Different? All the more reason for me to get to know you. People are my love.To be stupid for a moment, People=Love. If I like you, I'll stalk you around to see if I could ever get to know you. Thats right, I use my powers for my own gain. I've hardly heard of the Shadows or the Alliance a day in my life, but I've heard of the NCA. Does this make me naive? Maybe. Do I care? Not really. I'm living life without restrictions, drifting in and out of places as I please. I cant remember the last time that I was in one place longer than three months. I mean, three months is a long a** time to stay anywhere. I like to jump the ship before the rats, thank you. When it comes to how I actually am around people, I guess you could say I'm a little... messed up. I've got so many different instincts hiding just beneath the surface, I can get kind of strange kind of quick. Sometimes I cant help myself and I have the need to chase things. Cars... People... Cats.... Doesn't matter. Other times, I'm skittish and paranoid about every little detail of life. Somewhere in me, I must have a perverted code because I can be quite needy, if you know what I mean. I'm a very physical person who needs to touch people. Its one of my flaws. If I dont manage to run you off in the first five minutes of knowing me, good luck, you're going to need it. I'm crazy and can swing my mood on a whim. KFC didn't throw out the right scraps today? Well, now you have an angry mongrel on your heels and a voice in your head. Oh, its very amusing to freak people out with that little addition to my power. Unfortunately, I must say I have used it for good and I have used it to reinforce people's faith in God. What can I say? A starving, sobbing mother can be comforted by anything. Especially a forty pound mongrel with the Voice of God. So I'm a little conflicted in my interests. If I had to place myself on a side, I know for a fact I'd be split in half.

    H I S T O R Y.•*
    I was born in Australia. Sydney, Australia, to be exact. I was born to a beautiful mother and a not-so-handsome father. I lived there for five long years with two brothers and a sister before my father decided to up and leave my mom. He sent her to the store for milk and when she got back, he was gone and there was no money in the bank. A complete opposite of the usual 'husband goes to store and never comes back' routine. It was hard to live in Sydney after that. I was going on nine when we lost the house. I was surprised we hadn't lost it before that but my twin brothers, who were seven years older than me, had been working paper routes to pay for everything. They just... got behind is all. And that was that. We were ousted from our beautiful five bedroom, three bath, three level home with pool. Yeah, before my dad left, we had been living the high life. When we lost the house, it sold for a million dollars less than it should have. Yes, one million. It was a foreclosure. Whoever bought that house, in Sydney, is the luckiest human being in the world. There were five acres of land, wooded land, on that lot. It was a haven.
    Where we moved to?
    That wasn't a haven.
    A slum on the lower east side. It was only temporary, until my brothers, both sixteen, could find better paying jobs so we could afford something better. It was running smoothly for four years. We lived in the bad neighborhood just fine, I went to school, my brothers took care of us, my mom worked herself to the bone to live, and my sister tried helping me with schoolwork. Then Jai was shot. We didn't have the money for the trip to the hospital, we didn't have the money for anything. Some charity tried to help, but they were too late and Jai died. Levi was never the same. Our sister, Gabriella? She was devastated. The whole family kind of broke apart and Mom revealed something drastic- Dad was in America and an organization called the NCA was going to help us get to America where Dad waited with open arms to accept us back. I was skeptical. I really had learned to hate the man. But if he was going to save us from the lower east side slums, I was going to accept it. How much worse could things be in America?
    At first, monumentally better.
    We lived in a little orange house with a green picket fence and a pitbull for protection. We lived in the slums of Los Angeles. But, friends, the slums of LA were a much better place to be. Thats where I learned I had a gift. I dont like telling people how I learned it or how often I practiced because thats all personal to me. So I'll skip to the here and now and fill you in on the details when you get to know me better. When I was 16, I dropped out of public high school for a couple good reasons, really. Being from Australia gave all the kids a reason to oust me, I was having dynamic problems with controlling my shifting abilities, and all of a sudden there were people after me that shouldn't have been after me. The NCA that had so kindly brought us into America wanted to bring me in for a question and answer service and, when I didn't agree, they became violent. I suppose turning into the family pit bull and running wasn't such a good idea because then they knew what I could do. However, there were hundreds of pit bulls in the neighborhood, they were never going to find me. And they never did, because I'm still here telling my story, arent I?
    I've been keeping a blog. Thats right, a blog. You'd think the NCA would be smart enough to check it because I let people know the last city I was in, what happened in that city, and how many of my kind I met. I've been working towards a brighter future, I think, where the x-gene isn't seen as something evil. I have half a million subscribers to my blog and the page has been running for five years now. You would think someone would have found me. You would think. But when I can give them the slip and fly away on the wings of a sparrow, they're going to need a little more practice than they do have. I'm too good to be caught so easily. Though the NCA has been popping up with more and more x-genes as employers and agents. Its troublesome. And what is this I hear of the Shadows and the NCA merging? Now I'm somewhere in the midwest. My last stop was Minneapolis, Minnesota. To all you x-genes fighting the good fight in that rotten slum, good luck.


    L O V E.•* I like my men with sarcasm, please

    A D D O N S.•* One piercing dead center in my lip. None of that emo to-the-side s**t.

    F O R G O T T E N.•* I dress eccentrically, I act eccentrically... I'm pretty sure there's a lot I've forgotten. Or just subconsciously chosen not to tell you. I'm not laying myself bare with no promise of getting the same from you.

M y R u l eUNDER

    P U P E T M A S T E R.•* SpringTimeFox

    F O N T C O L O R S.•* I talk in Brown. I think in Italics.

    T H E M E S O N G.•* Honking Antelope by Serj Tankian

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