If you read my previous journal entry, you would have seen how naive I was. Yeah. We broke up and I told him all his faults and how his neglectful nature made me feel. I told him I deserved better than the way he was treating me. So we remained friends and after about a month, he confessed that he still loved me and he was sorry for the way he treated me. He had time to think and he told me he wished he had been better. That he would have treated me like I deserved. And I will admit that it was hard without him. And I missed him a lot.

And so... Were back together =] And it's been almost a year since we have been together. My longest relationship and definitely my best. He treats me really well now and he tells me everything instead of keeping even the most frivolous things from me. He even came to visit me for a week which is a big thing considering that he lives literally on the other side of the U.S. from me. I love him desperately and completely. He is my world and despite what had happened before, I would take his hand in marriage in a heartbeat.

I guess sometimes it takes a break up to realize how you really feel about a person. And it's about time I got someone whom I feel this way about!