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Dream Adventure Journal
I love to dream. This book is about all the different dreams. Ya never know who will show up.
Adventure in the Land of Monsters Part 40 & 41
Part 40

Takuya held Sezen in his arms as he sat on the bed with her. “It’s alright Sezen. I’m here now. They’ll never hurt you again.” Takuya leaned down and gently kissed Sezen’s cheek. Sezen slowly awakened. “Oh, you’re awake.” Takuya said joyfully.
“TAKUYA!” Sezen wrapped her arms around him holding him tight. Her body trembled and tears ran down her face. “Those demons… they were going to kill me… but I knew it. I knew you would save me!” Takuya held her close.
“I love you so much.” Takuya said.
“I love you too.” Sezen said kissing his lips. “You came for me.” Sezen didn’t know what had happened with Tsuki, Keto and the shadow spirits in Tsuki’s house.
“And I always will.” Takuya said kissing her back. “I love you and you will never be hurt again. I swear.”
“Kitko, we shouldn’t stay here. We have to destroy Von’s machine. I mean our people are dying faster and faster because the demons are looking for Sandina.” Chikaru said sitting down on the couch in the living room.
“Yes I know, but we don’t even know where to start looking. Our spies only managed an area of the Death Mountains and everyone knows that s strictly demonic over there.” Kitko said sitting down on a chair across from Chikaru.
“We’ve got no choice. We have to do it. All of our teachers are too busy on other hunting missions and every time they go they are caught and killed. We’ve send waves of armies and we’ve sent spies, but nothing works.” Chikaru sighed. “What we aught to do is make it the three of us like we use to. I mean because I have werewolf blood in me I can sense creatures from way far away if I choose to.”
“We have one slight problem Chikaru. We’ve both protected so many villages and such. Sandina is weaponless. And from what I saw… those lightning gloves power… it absorbed into her bloodstream and if she get’s anywhere close to their machine her lightning might react to it. Another thing is the fact you and I have little weaponry left. All my tools were crushed or tossed by Tsuki, and you have zero spitfires left.” Kitko sat back and then leaned forward on her knees. “We need to go back to the human encampment so we can resupply. Plus… we’ll pick up some kunai for Sandina. I’m sure she’ll be delighted.”
“Yes.” Chikaru sighed and slammed her fist down on the coffee-table in front of them. “We were so close to getting her back. When I see Keto again I’ll carve his spine out and feed it to him.” Chikaru growled.
“There’s nothing we can do right now. The least we should do right now is to try to regain some of our lost energy. I personally ever see Tsuki again I’ll rip his teeth out and make them into a necklace.” Kitko sat back in the chair.
Chikaru chuckled. “I’m sorry I didn’t get to you sooner Kitko. I really am.” Chikaru lied down on the couch. “He was just so fast and I didn’t know.”
“It’s ok Chikaru. I’m alive now so everything is ok.” Kitko yawned and was falling asleep in the chair, but her mind was plagued by Tsuki and what he did to her in his room.
Chikaru had fallen asleep on the couch and Kitko in the chair, Takuya walked out and smiled. “Sound asleep.” Takuya whispered. “They look worn out.” Taking a few blankets from a side closet he covered up Chikaru and then he covered up Kitko. Takuya walked back to Sezen who was sound asleep on the bed. He smiled and sat beside her, stroking her hair. “Oh Sezen, how I’ve missed you. To hold you in my arms, to feel your heartbeat, to see your face, to hear your voice; you are my life.” Takuya said softly.
Sezen turned to her side her hand on Takuya’s lap. Takuya blushed slightly and scooted down. He lied beside her and held her close. “Sleep well my angel.”
“I love you.” Sezen mumbled in her sleep.
Takuya smiled and relaxed there on the bed with her. “My angel.” He whispered softly stroking her hair.
Kitko couldn’t sleep well. She tossed and turned on the chair. Waking up she got up out of the chair and tossed the blanket on it. Kitko just couldn’t put her mind to rest after what Tsuki did to her. “He’s no where near me and yet... it’s almost like he’s still on top of me; biting and clawing, kissing and licking my body.” Kitko thought as she wandered around in the house. She sat down at the table in the kitchen and sighed. “I can’t shake the feeling.” Kitko sighed. “Why can’t I shake it? It’s all a mind over matter, but even when I want my body to shake it off, it’s deathly afraid. I don’t know why. Even when those werewolves were tearing me apart, it was nothing like Tsuki.” Kitko rubbed her temples with her fingertips.
Sandina woke up and sat up. She was on the biggest bed she had ever seen. Right in the center she lied back down when she noticed her clothes were completely gone. “Jerk stole my clothes again!” Sandina shouted in her mind. She looked around; the room was enormous and beautiful. The canopy bed she was on was white like snow. The giant white dresser had enormous mirrors to the side; showing all angles. There was a small white table off by the tinted windows. The white silk curtains draped down over them. They were thick enough to block out an extreme amount of light. The floor had smooth cream colored carpet from wall to wall. An extravagant walk-in closet was on the far side of the room. She glanced around analyzing everything. It seemed like a royal bedroom, only one thing was truly missing; a door. There was no door in sight. Sliding out of bed she noticed the robe she was wearing was clean and neatly folded on a chair by the nightstand by her bedside. She slipped it on quickly and analyzed the area. Sandina couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked around the curtain. They had giant heavily tinted windows with steel bars like a net across them. Quickly she closed the drapes and stepped back.
“He trapped me in here.” She held up her right fist in front of her chest. Clenching it hard she punched the ground. Springing back up straight after punching the ground she shouted, “OW OW OW OW OW OW!” She held her wrist and shook her hand. “Marble! Defiantly marble!”
“You shouldn’t do that.” Keto said coming up out of the ground behind her. Sandina whipped around and he grabbed her right wrist. She winced. Keto kissed her wrist gently. “You shouldn’t keep hurting yourself.” Keto rubbed her wrist checking for anything broken. Sandina stood still taking the pain but every now and then she’d wince and Keto would shake his head and smile. “I wouldn’t suggest you do that again.” Keto brought her closer examining her right wrist. “Nothing seems broken, and it isn’t swelling, but you shouldn’t use it for a little while.” Keto lead her to the dresser and on the top left hand drawer were bandages. He pulled out an ace bandage and began to wrap up her wrist. “This should help.”
“He’s being really gentle and nice. HE CONFUSES THE HECK OUT OF ME!” She thought as she watched him bind her wrist. Once the ace bandage was neatly wrapped he kissed the wrist again.
“There all better now.” Keto smiled and brushed her bangs back. “Be more careful alright?”
“Where have you taken me?” Sandina asked looking down at the floor.
“I’ve taken you to our home. The Castle of the Dead.”
Sandina tensed up when Keto said where they were. She shook slightly. “The Castle of the Dead… that’s pretty much the heart of monster territory…. Not even the most skilled hunter in all history has ever gotten this far and lived.” Sandina thought as her body trembled.
Keto pulled her into his arms. “Don’t be afraid. I have announced you are not to be harmed by anyone. This is your new room now. No door, but I got you a window so you may see sunlight just like you wanted.” Keto kissed the top of her head. “It will be alright now. The demons will get what they want. I get what I want, and you’ll get something you wanted. My uncle had no heir and I am the last remaining of my clan, just as you are my love. Combining our forces…” Keto pulled her in closer to his body and ran his left hand down her spine. “We will create a super breed. The lightning abilities that were in your gloves absorbed into your body when I put my seals on your wrists. My vampire skills and darkness powers along with your lightning and day walker ability, we shall create a new breed. We will teach them how to hunt, how to live, how to drink the blood of the innocent and evil.” Sandina looked up at him and him down at her.
“I’m not your toy and I’m not your power!” Sandina shouted.
“Hush now.” Keto put a finger to her lips and smiled. “Don’t waste that beautiful energy of yours. You have quite the mission ahead of you. Powering a machine and bearing a heavy litter, I say you’ve got to have rest and you need all the energy you can get on the second part of you mission.” Keto lightly tapped her nose once with his index finger and smiled.
Sandina stomped her foot. “I won’t do it Keto! I won’t I won’t I won’t!” Sandina glared at him and went to pull away.
Keto smirked evilly and slapped her across the face. “Don’t ever talk to your master that way again.” Keto watched out Sandina turned her face back to him in shock. Gently he stroked with his fingertips where he had slapped her. “Be a good girl and do what you’re told.” He kissed her lips and began to slide off her robed with both of his hands. “Don’t resist your destiny.” Keto slid the robe off of her shoulders and she quickly went to pull the robe back over her shoulders. Keto wrapped his arms around her pulling her off her feet. Walking over to the bed he gently set her down. “How about we switch the timing of those missions hm?” He chuckled slightly and Sandina shook her head no. “Hmm hmm hmm. Too bad… I like the idea very much.” Keto’s humming sinister laughter was slightly muffled by Sandina’s lips against his. Sandina quickly began to push him away. Keto quickly grabbed both of her wrists and smiled as he pinned them at her sides with her elbows bent.
Keto broke the kiss and smiled at her. “K-Keto, p-please n-n-n-o.” Sandina said with a fearful look in her eyes.
“Sandina…” He whispered softly and smiled gently. “Don’t be afraid. You and I shall restore our clans. You will fulfill the duties of a woman. You will be looked upon by later generations as the hero of the most powerful species on the face of the earth.” Keto kissed her neck. Smiling he looked into her eyes and quickly stunned her with his gaze.
“NO! Why did I look into his eyes?! I can’t move!” Sandina thought. Keto ran his hands down her back and raised her up so they were both in the center of the enormous bed. Her heart began to race and a cold sweat appeared on her brow.
“Careful Sandina how fearful you get.” Keto put his left hand to her heart and his right one to his chest where his heart would be. He sat up on his knees over her. Smiling down at Sandina he licked his lips. “I love of the feel of your heart because I have no beat of my own. But soon, soon I shall have a heartbeat of my own. I will carve out the heart of my prey and put it in my body. Then you shall hear a heartbeat, just like yours.” Keto leaned forward on his hands and smiled. Gently Keto brushed her face with his left hand. “My sweet pet.”

Part 41

Kitko was up for a long time because she couldn’t rest. Every moment she shut her eyes Tsuki was there in her mind. Takuya wandered out in the kitchen and looked deeply concerned about her. “Even a blind man can see you have not slept.” Takuya said sitting down in a chair beside her.
Kitko didn’t look at him. She ran her fingers through her hair and stretched out her arms in front of her on the table. “No. That Tsuki jerk is in my head.” Kitko’s eyes welded up with tears and she put her head on the table between her outstretched arms. “I can’t even blink in peace and I still see him.”
Takuya smiled and touched her forehead with his fingers. Kitko’s eyes shot open. Takuya’s fingers on her forehead glowed with red energy. Kitko felt at peace and swiftly fell asleep. “Now you may rest with ease.” Takuya picked Kitko up out of the chair and walked her to the living room. He lied her on another couch connected with the one Chikaru was sleeping on. Kitko turned to her right side and Takuya smiled as he covered her up and tucked her in. Once he had checked on the deep sleeper Chikaru he walked back to Sezen. “Those girls, they’re very brave and extremely foolish. I will make sure they go home after they have well rested.” Takuya thought as he lied down beside Sezen.
Keto held Sandina in his arms. Pulling up the covers over their naked forms he smiled at her, kissing her neck gently. “You’re getting better.” Keto whispered in her ear as he brushed his face against hers. “You didn’t struggle much at all even when my gaze faded. You’re becoming content, and soon you will be happy with it and plead for it.” Keto wrapped his arms tightly around her. Sandina shut her eyes; her body quaking slightly. Keto licked the back of her neck and using his leg he pulled her lower half closer to his. “A little harder.” Keto said smiling. Sandina went to shout out but her voice was gone. “I usually enjoy your screams and plead for me to stop Sandina, but even though I love it your voice needs to rest.” Keto laughed and lightly nibble her ear.
“This pervert... Always trying to get inside of my body and always using me as his tool and toy. I hate this. I hate this so much.” Sandina thought as she flinched as he nibbled on her ear.
“Hm, I wonder how far I can go inside of you until you bleed.” Keto laughed sinisterly and flipped her onto her back. Getting on top of her he pushed down on her forcing himself within her. “I’m not deep enough, harder Sandina.” Keto pulled her closer and wrapped her legs around him. He bit into her neck and began to drink her blood. “I want more, give me more!” Sandina’s body was growing limp quick, but Keto was under his darker subconscious and kept drinking her blood and forcing himself deeper inside of her. “I WANT MORE!” Keto yanked his fangs out of her neck. He smiled licking the blood playfully. Keto’s gentler side saw her body growing pale and was very gentle to calmly lay her on her back. “It’s alright Sandina, I got a bit carried away is all.” Keto lied down beside her and covered her eyes with his hand. “You should rest now. That was a great deal of blood loss. I will stay with you so you need not worry.”
Sandina rose up her left hand and felt how his covered her eyes. Gently she ran her fingers down his wrist and to his arm she held it gently in her palm. “She’s.. she’s not fighting me. Her body would use more force. She’s being.. gentle.” Keto began to wonder what would happen next. Sliding his arms around her body he held her closer. Sandina rolled over onto her side so she was face to face with him. Keto expected a pleasant obeying new pet but saw she was sound asleep. “At least she’s resting now.” Keto smiled. Sandina pulled him into her arms. “I think I’m enjoying the fact she’s asleep. I wonder…” Keto ran his fingers gently down her back and she wrapped her arms tighter around him putting her head on his chest. “Oooolalala. I think I’ve found a way to make her mine and she’d be happy.” Keto began kissing her neck and Sandina put her forehead to his. With her eyes still shut she kissed his lips. Opening her eyes slightly she smiled. She was not asleep but under his hypnotic control. His darkness form wanted nothing more than to willingly have her and when she glanced up at him he had her hypnotized in seconds. “Her eyes. She’s not asleep, but will bend to my will.” Keto thought as he smirked with delight. “How interesting.” Keto thought. He brushed her face gently and then kissed her lips. “I love you Sandina, so much. All I want is you and you alone.”
“I am yours Keto; do with me as you will.” Sandina’s voice was completely calm and she smiled faintly before pulling herself closer to him.
“How can she speak? Is it because my darker form wanted her to?” Keto wondered as he slipped his hands down her back. They both smiled playfully at one another before enjoying the rest of their night together.
Early the next morning Sezen was in the kitchen cooking. The warm smell of bacon, egg, muffins, shredded potatoes and sausage filled the house’s air. Takuya woke up first and yawned. Walking into the kitchen he was both shocked and happy. “Please sit and eat Takuya. I’m just doing some cleanup.”
Takuya smiled as he walked up behind her and kissed the top of her head. “I love you Sezen.” Takuya said with a cheery voice.
Sezen smiled up at him and kissed his cheek. “I love you too.”
Tsuki was furious over the loss of Kitko. His wrathful howls echoed throughout the mountain ranges. “No woman escapes from me. Never.” Tsuki growled. “Though with something as gorgeous and blood as fresh as hers… I will find her easily.” Tsuki sniffed the air and barely caught Kitko’s scent. “She’s as good as mine.” Tsuki growled as he adjusted the giant sword on his back. “Come to me my little lost kit.” Tsuki laughed as he began to follow Kitko’s scent.

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