Drip Drop Drip Drop
That's the only sound now
But that's not all I hear.
I still hear my struggle
My "no's" and "don'ts"
muffled because your hand was over my mouth
The taste of your fingers
Salty because of your sweat
You're sweaty because of me
I'm the hardest victim you've had
But you still kept going on
Forcing yourself into me
Not caring if you happen to tear and damage me
You hurt me
But did I cry?
No because then you would think I was giving up the fight
I'd never give up
And now you know that
Because your dead
That was your mistake
You brought the gun
Just in case you don't give me what I want
You said that
And I wanted freedom
So I used your gun
Please don't be mad
It's your own fault
Just like it was my fault you raped me
So I'm sorry that your blood is dripping onto the floor making a puddle
But, It's not my fault