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I...like pie...?

Magical Marijuana Faerie
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Character Timeline/Info [more later]
You lie silent there before me...
...your tears they mean nothing to me...

Well, since I'm bored and theres nothing to do, I'm going to start a timeline/ino sheet of all ((most)) of my characters. Or the most used ones, at least.

.::Jason Agapito Eldings::.

Age: 20-24
Birthdate: December 7
Sexual oreintation: BiSexual
Eyecolor: Black
Hair: Black/red, uneven in cutting
Height: 5'9"
Ethnicity: Half Brittish Half Spanish ((Unknown fact! =O))
Family Situation: Fater is sentanced for 67 years in jail for First Degree Murder, mother is raiseed him.
Languages: English, French, some Spanish
Job: Lead singer of a Punk Rock group, unsigned ((most of the time)), babysitter, waiter
Apperance: N/A ---I have yet to draw a picture of him >.>'
Misc: Jason has 24 peircings ((Snakebites, double eyebrow, ear, nippes, PA, bellybutton, tongue, Marilyn Monroe)) and 3 tattoos.

.::Cris |he's deprived of a middle name| Takeshi::..

Age: 20-25
Birthdate: Febuary 14
Sexual oreintation: Gay
Eyecolor: Light blue-violet ((saphire))
Hair: Long, two streaks in front. Both are dyed, varies on RP. Mostly silver and black.
Ethnicity: Brittish
Height: 5'1"
Family Situation: Mother died giving birth to him, father died when he was 3 of Lung Cancer. Step mother/sister died. He is an orphan.
Languages: English, Japanese, very very little German.
Job: Signed Model.
Apperance: N/A --I have a picture, I need a new one.
Misc: After sister and mother died Cris was sent to a Mental Institution for 6 years when he was 10. He was released by a model agent ((Tyler Jeen)). Later forming a realtionship which turned abusive, Cris devolouped a split personality, which killed Tyler at age 19. Refuses to talk about past.

.::Ring ((No last/middle name, yet))::.

Age: 16-17
Birthdate: October 18
Sexual oreintation: Gay
Eyecolor: Light hazel
Hair: Medium Length, neon green jagged streaks
Ethnicity: German
Height: 5'5"
Family Situation: Unknown
Languages: German, English
Job: None
Apperance: N/A ---need picture
Misc: Lost memory at age 14. He dropped out of school not much later, got mixed up with the wrong crowd and became a druggie. He is homeless and sleeps around for a place to stay/drugs. He is good friends with a manager of a resturaunt, she gives him food and sometimes a place to stay.

.::Hayden Anthony James Cunnings::.

Age: 18
Birthdate: August 28
Sexual oreintation: BiSexual
Eyecolor: Gray
Hair: Black, as the "Emo Bang"
Ethnicity: American
Height: 5'7"
Family Situation: Parents are poor, but loving. Has a little sister which he takes care of alot.
Languages: English.
Job: McDonalds Casheir.
Apperance: N/A
Misc: Usually used for slave RPs when I'm in the mood for them. In those he sold himself so his parents could have money. He doesn't talk alot, when he does his voice is quiet. He's really sweet and would do anything for the one he loves.

The wind howling at the window...
...the love you never gave....
...I give you to, really don't deserve it but now theres nothing you can do.

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