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I...like pie...?

Magical Marijuana Faerie
Community Member
School and Charlie Drown and Medomalacuphobia.
You lie silent there before me...
...your tears they mean nothing to me...

I got teh first Charlie Drown CD!
Now, if I get that signed, and the third [I'm going to the Album Release party in December] that would be awesome.

She's so pretty.
And her eyes...they like...peirce into your soul.

I notice that when I was watching her preform.
She was like, looking at me like: Where the hell do I know this girl? ((She added me on MySpace))

But yeah, I definately like her second album better.
Her first was a bit sloppy and way to loud.

A bit grungy, too.
I have nothing against grunge, but *shrug*

'Mamma' is a cool song, though.
It relaxes me...

Ok, done with the song credits.
I have alot to say with no one to read.

My life has took the "You better find a job fast!" road.

Since like, I'm done with my mom's s**t.
She treats me like s**t, I'm getting more deppressed than usual, I'm moving out when I'm 18.

So, like, I have a year to pull my s**t together.

I'm only living alone for hopefully seven months.
Emma's dad is sending her to meeeee.

I'm going to graduate, don't know about college just yet.

But, as far as I know, 3 other people are living with Emma and I ._.

Well, I kinda have a job.
Sometimes my dad pours [concrete mason] for buildings, my job is to apply sealent and clean up everyones mess.

Jesus Christ, these guys are messy.

And I get kind of OCD when I clean, I just learned that.
Because once I start I don't stop.

I didn't want to clean a whole ******** sidewalk, though.
So I just cleaned what I had too, I didn't get to play around with toxic chemicals that day.

As for school, Madame Kilburg, Miss H., and Mrs. H are my favorites.
I think Mr. Jesus ((He looks so much like Jesus it isn't funny!)) hates me.
My last peiroud teacher, I can't remember her name, I have mixed feelings about.

And I don't really talk to my first perioud teacher.
His assistant is cool, though.

Did I mention Novanet is like...weird?
It won't let you pass unless you have a 92% or higher...


The teachers [I don't know any of my teachers names >_>'] just pass me if I have 80 or higher.

So whatever.

Brandon, Chris, Sam and Chris sis like me.
Or they act like they do.

My best friend who used to be sweet and innocent is now a ******** a*****e.
He's....ok to me, though.

The pops are like: NOOOOOOOO
But they're getting used to me.

Cause I'm small and cute and stuff.

Dare not to Swear sucks.
******** that s**t.
I'll swear whenvever I ******** want.

I almost got to my target weight, I'm one pound away.
I think my sister is pissed cause I weigh less than her.

Random s**t on Cris fans.
Cause I know he has fans.

I might start a manga about him, and a story.
I have like....his whole life played out in my mind.
Story line-wise.
Might be differant in differant RPs.

I gave him allergies and phobias.

Cris will die if he eats bannanas.

He's a Hoplophobic [firearms], Hemophobic [fear of blood], a Nosocomephobic [fear of hospitals], Novercaphobic [fear of his stepmother]((I don't blame him)), Cynophobic [fear of dogs], he's also scared of authority figures ((cops, doctors, nurses, army people, firemen, etc.)) but I can't find the phobia name of that.

If you one of the people who thinks he is to short to be a man:
1. He's half/half.
2. Malnutrion.

Omg, I wish I could do this with all my characters.

Oh yeah, I finally got around to making Cris' real family.

He is the oldest out of a brother and a sister.
He's real surname is Alekseev ((RUSSIAN!))
And his dad and mom ARE alive, and they're names are Hypatia and Agatha.

I also might make Midoriko a b***h who hated him.
There's a story behind that, I'm not sure if I'm going to play it out, though.

Also, don't tell me Cris can't sound feminine because I have a friend who's 21 and it sounds like his balls have not dropped.

If it wasn't for the fact I've seen him with no shirt, I would agure with the fact he is a boy.

I've kind of seen him with no pants on, either.
Just his knees.



K, bye.

"Medomalacuphobia- Fear of losing an erection."
Sorry to people who have this, I just loled all over the place.

The wind howling at the window...
...the love you never gave....
...I give you to, really don't deserve it but now theres nothing you can do.

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