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I...like pie...?

Magical Marijuana Faerie
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Memorial to my dear Shadow
My dear kitty just died in my arms.
We found out he was really sick and his kidney was failing and he had cancer. I guess this is sort of a memorial to him, to my sweet kitty.

He was my shadow, and he lived up to his name.
At first he followed my mom around but then it started with me. Everywhere I went he was there, somewhere. I don't know if I can stand actually being alone, without him, now.

He was curled up in my arms the entire vet. visit, and he was purring the entire time. I knew he was comfrotable, and happy. And I know he isn't in anymore pain anymore.

Everyone's telling me I was strong and I made the right choice.
I didn't want to see him suffer, I didn't want him to suffer...but when he was in my arms I felt like the weakest person alive.

I couldn't do anything. I couldn't protect him.
I just feel vanuable now.

I would give anything for one more night, I really would.
And when we found out I could of swore he was crying. He curled up in my arms and when I went to change position there was some stuff from his eyes on my arm.

I know he's happy now, at least.
I know he isn't in pain.

And he went purring, at least that was good.
Purring and curled up in my arms, like he was hiding.

Last night, I knew it.
I had a really bad feeling, it was just telling me it was the last night I would have with him.
I think he knew it too, because he let me lay on him and cry longer than he ever did before. And he was curling up by my face, which is something he's never done, either.

My sweet kitty will be missed.
Goodbye Shadow.

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Fri Jun 08, 2007 @ 06:37am

I know how it's like to loose a cat. My first cat died, we beleive, by a snake bite, or some other type of poison. Me and my brother discovered her when we were coming home from school. Our mom wasn't even home at the time. But, we just saw here there, dead and swollen.

We buried her back behind the garage, and a few years later, there was a tree growing over her spot.

I didn't like moving because that meant I would have left her. I swear that I could see her spirit, drifting around me, she had loved me the most, and always groomed me, it was silly.

But, I could see her, and it made me comforted to know that she was there with me.

And, I was so distraught over not having her anymore, we went and adopted another cat, and we now own three.

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