[******** Horoscopes Dx mine are so accurate it's almost scary...they're usually all like depressing n' stuff...like for instance this one way back when I was in middle school...almost ready for the whole bottle of pills, I got this one that read "Don't jump without a parachute! Things are looking down for now but keep in there, things will get better" this was so accurately close it scarred me o.0; Well not as much scarred as much as facinated xD

So yeah, I got mine for today...well what's left of today -cough-40 minutes-cough-

There aren't any rules about how to get someone's attention. Use your imagination!

Even if you're happily single, today is filled with romance and good energy. You might get a new crush, fall for your spouse all over again or just feel like having a hot night on the town with someone special.

Well of course that whole thing about finding love was bullshit, I mean c'mon it's me =P but that thing about today being filled with romance...sure enough I fall asleep and miss all of [adult swim] only to wake up to the last 2 episodes of Inuyasha...the one were Kagome and Inuyasha help her brother Sota with his girl problem xD and then the next one Shippou has a thing for the girl in the village and what not >.>...Oh yeah and it also happend to be the one night this week I decided to watch tv =P Ironic or what? xD So yeah..then later on South Park...sure enough I happen to switch it on 48 righ as it starts and what do I find? It's the one were Wendy breaks up with Stan >.> wtf? Oh and the one right after....the one were Ike falls in love with his teacher...Oh yeah and did I mention talking to Bianca she started telling me how she really like the guy at her school? If that's not a day filled with romance then I don't know what is =P...Oh oh and yeah...Futurama Leela sleeps with Branigan =P Ok not exactly romance but still xD

Oh well, probably just some sort of strange coincidence...or is it....or am I just going so crazy that my mind is making me think this.....but if I was crazy then how could I still be sane enough to think of that....which brings me to my next point....why am I talking to myself? Dx

Oh well...time for some Creedence Clearwater Revival! And to any that read this, if you don't know CCR then GET THE ******** OUT scream