Yeah, today I hung out with Eric and his mom at the Renaissance fair, it was so fun! Oh the sword fighting, battles and people in the stocks, It was almost like the Comic-con all over again only more Renaissance-ie LOL.

I bought an awesome Fox tail and leather pouch from this one booth, it was pretty awesome, I'm totally wearing them to school xD I also bought another wooden katana for like $8! (Fecking Comic-con ripp-off artists sold me one for $21 Dx but oh well) but that wasn't exactly at the fair ninja But anyways, yeah it was pretty awesome xD

OMG and there was a rat race xD We paid a dollar each, well actually his mom payed for us all, but anyways >.> Yeah 3 rats in the cage the other 2 were just waiting for the door to open and mine was all retarded and off in the back corner trying to climb out xD But it ended up winning! xD So I got a pin that says "Ratty Tails - My Rat Won" lol it was great. I can't wait to go back next year, I might actually try and dress up ninja

Anyways...that's all got to get in the shower and dressed for some wedding later tonight...Adios! or as I should be practicing Sayonara