Well, Eric was supposed to come over today but he couldn't so we're hanging out tomorrow at the fair in Balboa Park. But oh well it couldn't be helped, I thought I would be bored as hell but tonight ended up being pretty awesome!

First off we (Me and my parents) went to Fry's Electronics...damn bastards! Dx They always have so many box sets that I wanted to buy >.< They had the collectors box for Rumbling Hearts, and a few others I've always wanted to get >.< But I ended up buy the Pani Poni Dash collectors box, I couldn't resist xD Besides, Vol 2, Girls N' Roses it's just to awesome xD So yeah...I also ended up getting Vol 1, because you just can't have Vol 2 without Vol 3...it's just not right Dx Well yeah...OMG Dx and leaving I found Mushi-shi mad Bastards had it set up on it's own shelf and not wit the other anime >.<...Oh yeah! And they're selling the manga really cheap! Fullmetal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, and Bleach Manga was all $6.99-8.99! ninja Must return and buy more... also need to buy the other volumes of Pani Poni Dash and Karin Dx

So yeah...after Fry's we somehow ended up going to Barona Indian Casino! It was pretty awesome...my mom lost like $60 xD But my dad...he won like $53, then $130 and then $93 LOL I think my mom ended up losing more than that because they ended up with like $100...and I won $50 using my own $10 ninja Shhh...there was a close call where I looked over and a security guard saw me and started heading over...I made a quick dash for the restroom and escaped ninja 1337 Mexican running away skills ftw! So yeah...that was pretty much my night...

We got back home around 11:00 and I'm watching Pani Poni Dash right now, I love this show xD LOL....50g ftw!