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This is my journal/diary/whatever-you-wanna-call-this-thing. It's for anyone to read because I don't care all that much. It contains a lot of random things and drawings.
A short story I wrote... that is 6 pages long on paper...
A stranger walked down the halls of Paige's home, looking for where Paige's room might be. He had already managed to pass by 2 males and 3 other females without them sensing his presence. He had opened at least 5 doors with no results.
On what he suspected was the 6th door, he heard sweet singing coming from the other side of the door. He only stood there and lisened for a moment but, as soon as the melody stop and another began, he opened the door just a crack. What he saw was a bit surprising to him.
A beautiful blonde-haired girl danced around the room gayly. She was only in a towel with her hair hanging loose, dripping. She had black cat ears and tail from what he saw.
He judged that she had just gotten out of the shower. He waited for her to turn around just enough for him to possibly be able to identify who she was and just like that she faced him, unsuspecting and unaware that there was even somebody there. She had beautiful deep green eyes, soft pink lips, and fair skin. He also guessed she was about 5'7" when standing up straight.
After inspecting her a few more seconds, it clicked in his mind that this grown woman was the same Paige as the adorable, innocent, little girl from when they were much younger. He would have never expected that.
He silently closed the door and leaned up against it. He breathed in deeply trying to calm his nerves. She had grown so beautiful. He then closed hi eyes and brought up a mental image of the child version of Paige he had known and loved.
Paige finished getting dressed and putting her her silky, golden blonde hair up in the usual pony tail. She attached her her long black sword to her waist and her 6-shot revolver to her upper thigh. Once done with 'accessorizing', she walked over to the door. Upon opening it, the stranger fell down at her feet. Backwards. She stared down at him, he stared up at her, both of them surprised. He immediately struggled to get up. As soon as he stood straight, Paige drew her sword. The tip of the black bladepointed towards his thick neck.
"What were you doing at my door, bounty hunter? Spying on me as I dressed perhaps?" she questioned harshly, suspecting him of being a pervy bounty hunter looking for some fun with his target.
"No Paige! Don't kill me!" he stuttered. He moved backwards trying to release some of the pressure from the sword so that it wouldn't peirce his skin but the more he moved back, the more she would come forward.
"If you werent't spying on me, then why were you at my door?" she demanded.
He was backed up as far as he could go now, his back to the wall. Beads of sweat ran down his face. She kept referring to him as bounty hunter... why?
"Paige, I was only looking for you. I am not a bounty hunter", she said weakly. He then cleared his throat to give him more confidence and continured, "It's me. Scavenger! You know, the little boy you used to play with when you were only a child?"
She only raised an eyebrow, not letting up any on her weapon. She then tightened up her muscle, lifting the the sword more so that the tip actually touched the skin but not peircing it.
"Nice try boutny hunter", she said sharply, "But haven't you done your homework?"
He looked at her very confused. "Homework?"
Paige rolled her eyes in annoyance.
"Yes. You couldn't be Scavenger because I watched him die a long time ago!" she said agrily. She was mournful of the loss but hateful that he even used that name as well.
The man realized what she had meant. Her last memory of them together was when they were attacked by a group of thugs. She had managed to escape with only a cut in her arm but he was as lucky. He had been stabbed in the chest with a sword and carried away.
"No. You don't understand!"
"Really? W?hat am I not understanding? Is it that you are playing with my emotions so that I will believe you? Is that it?" she asked accusingly.
"No! I'm Scavenger! I never died! All they did was stab me, just missing my heart and any other vital organs!"
Paige became enraged. She slashed her sword down forcefully right as he moved out of the way.
"Shut up!"
As she picked up the bade from the ground to get ready for another attack, he noticed a large crack where the sword and ground had made contact. His eyes grew wide.
"Paige! Wait!"
She didn't stop. She attacked him again, her sword swinging sideways to strike his arm or shoulder but he ducked. She swung her sword once more but he dodged attack after attack.
A deep growl sounded from her throat from aggitation.
"Stay still!" she demanded. She took out her revolver and pointed it at him. She released safety and pulled the trigger. To the human eye, the bullet would be going extremely fast, but to Paige's cat-eyes, it was pretty slow. She watched as the bullet peirced his right shoulder, causing him to fall to one knee.
"Paige! Please listen to me! I can prove to you that I am Scavenger!" he said. He began unbutton his shirt, revealing a large jagged scar on the left side of his chest. It was a light pink against his tan skin.
Paige's eyes grew wide when she saw the scar. It was in the exact spot where she had seen her childhood friend get stabbed as she ran and hid from the thugs.
"Sc-Scav-", she stammered. She didn't know what to say, let alone think. "Scavenger?"
He forced himself to his feet, gripping his wounded shoulder. He smiled at her because he was happy that she finally came to realize that it was truly him. Even after wounding him.
Paige quickly put her revolver in its holder located on her thigh. She didn't stop looking at his features. Sure enough, he had some of the same facial characteristics as he did when he was a child. The same dream-lost brown eyes, the same smile, even the same hairstyle. This man was the same boy she had once known and thought was dead. She then sheathed her sword and walked over to him. She looked at hi shoulder and the blood that ran from it. Tears began to fall down her cheeks.
"I'm so sorry Scavenger!" she said in a whisper as she put her hand on his cheek apologetically.
Scaveger smiled at her understandingly. He put his hand on her shoulder, bent sown on one knee, and looked up at her wiping her tears.
"Paige. It's alright. I can understqand where you're coming from." he said compassionately as he stood back up.
She looked up at him and smiled. Her green eyes said 'Thank you'. She hugged him gently, careful not to hurt him anymore. She backed up and looked at his shoulder again. It definitely looked like it hurt.
"I'll fix that up for you!" she offered. She grabbed his hand and pulled him into her room and seated him. She then disappeared into her bathroom. Several seconds later, she reappeared with bandages, medicine, and a scapal.
Scavenger noticed that the bandages were already blood-stained. He was curious why they were.
"Use them often?"
"Heh. Yeah actually, I do." she replied a bit embarrassed at the fact that he noticed. After applying some medicine to his shoulder she began to wrap it up. When she finished she stood up and looked at him.
"Now all I need you to do is tell me when that goes numb. Alright?" she instructed sympathetically.
He nodded but didn't understand why she didn't take the bullet out before bandaging him up. Or even why she wanted him to inform her when it went numb. So many questions buzzed through his head about her. She was not the same.
"Erm... Paige?"
"Uh... nevermind..."
Paige just shrugged her shoulder figuring that it musn't have been that important. "Is it numb yet?"
"Oh! Yeah."
She soon began to unwrap the bandage and clean off the excess blood. She then grabbed the scapal and started to dig into his shoulder, pulling out the bullet from the bloody mess.
Scavenger winced thinking it would hurt but, to his surprise, it didn't hurt at all. All he felt was the movement of bullet and scapal against his bone and muscles. He looked at her confused. She was smiling as if that was the reaction she had wanted. He watched her take out the bloody bullet and set it aside along with the scapal.
"Paige, I noticed that seeing all that blood didn't bother you at all. Why? You used to grimace at the sight of it."
She looked up at him surprised. He didn't know her record? She just went back to her work on sewing up the hole in his shoulder. She forced a smile as she tried to think of a way to ewxplain to him that she wasn't the same girl he had once known.
"Let's just say I've seen a lot of my own and a lot more of other's", she said regretfully.
"What do you mean by that? Did something happen to you?" she asked worriedly, grabbing her cin so that he forcing her to look into his eyes.
What he saw was disturbing, sad, and down right hideous. Her green eyes were full of hatred, blood, gore, and regret. He saw he past, everything that had happened to her since they had last seen each other.
"Paige, what happened to you?"
She jerked her head away in shame. She shed a few tears but it was because she was ashamed that he had found out.
"I'm not the same innocent child you played with, Scavenger."

This story was written on January 4, 2008, out of total boredom and brainstorming. It was typed up on January 5, 2008, just because I wanted to share it to see what ya'll thought of my work. I also felt like being colorful! 3nodding

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Tue Jan 15, 2008 @ 01:26am

very nice story! besides the few errors (all grammatical) you made a great beginning to a longer story!

if you feel like running with this, please do so. i'd love to read it.

"Feelin' funny in my mind, lord, I believe I'm fixin' to die"
"Judge not, lest ye be judged yourself"
"You have as much a chance as anyone, Charlie"
"Good morning starshine, the sun says 'Hello'!"
User Comments: [1]
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