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This is my journal/diary/whatever-you-wanna-call-this-thing. It's for anyone to read because I don't care all that much. It contains a lot of random things and drawings.
This was kind of random...
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What type of Fae are you?

Persephone,Godess of SpringYou are most like Persephone, the fun loving, nuturing, happily young at heart Godess of the Spring.Persephone is a perpetually young Godess, and liek her, you are young at heart. On of your mottos is 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!' You love to have fun, and are always having a good time. Persephone is very naive, believing in things like true love, and fantasising about romance. You, like Persephone, don't usually like to take up responsibility, and you are not some one people often turn to for advice.Persephone is the Godess of Spring, and makes things come to life after winter. People cannot stand to stay sad or upset around you, like Persephone, your presence cheers up and inspires others.Perhaps, like the Godess of Spring, you also love nature. Being outdoors fills you with wonder and excitment.

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You are an Elf.An elf is a creature of Germanic mythology which still survives in northern European folklore. The elves were originally a race of minor nature and fertility gods, who are often pictured as youthful-seeming men and women of great beauty living in forests and underground places, or in wells and springs. They have been portrayed to be long-lived or immortal and as beings of magical powers. Following J. R. R. Tolkien's influential The Lord of the Ringsin which a wise, angelic (and human-sized) people named Elves have a significant roleelves became staple characters of modern fantasy (see Elves in fantasy fiction and games).Elf can be pluralised as both elves and elfs. Something associated with elves or the qualities of elves is described by the adjectives elven, elvish, elfin or elfish. According to a convention of modern fantasy, the 'v' in elven or elvish refers to human-sized elves (who correspond more closely to those of the old Germanic paganism), whereas the f in elfin or elfish refers to tiny-sized elfs (who correspond more closely to the folklore of the Renaissance and Romantic Eras). They are also called: Danish: Elver, elverfolk, ellefolk, huldrer or alfer (note alfer today translates to fairies). . Dutch: elf, elfen, elven, alven. English: (Old English) lf; (Middle English) albe; (Current) elf, elves. German: Elf (m), Elfe (f), Elfen. Icelandic: lfar, lfaflk and hulduflk (hidden people). Old Norse: lfar. Swedish: alfer, alver or lvor (note lvor today translates to fairies). Norwegian: alv, alven, alver, alvene / alvefolket (note alvefolket today translates to elfpeople)The word elf (lf) may possibly trace back as far as the theoretical Proto-Indo-European root word *albh meaning "white", from which also stems the Latin albus "white", and its derivatives in Portuguese, Spanish and English albino.

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Your essence is purple! You are ethereal and balanced. You fully understand this earth and the people on it, but it is something you can't use words to describe. You have a very strong sense of self, and no matter what happens to you, what changes in you never changes because someone told you to. You hate to argue; and when you do, its often about your beliefs or what's wrong and what can be justified. You are very dynamic and mood-swingy, you might want to stay inside reading or painting one day and the next you might want to run around outside. You are very creative and have distractabilty.There's actually a chance you have some amount of psychic power, so look into it if you're interested. You know how people's minds work and you keep secrets. I wouldn't doubt your advice or judgment.

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