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I,Candy. Funny right? (Alex, Amber.)
I want Candy
Hi!! It's me again. (well duh) I've decided, my subconcious mind is going to act as my editor. You know those little side sections in manga where it seems like the author is talking to her/himself? well, I'm starting to draw alot more and I'm starting to understand their frame of mind. eek soooo, this is probably going to be embarrasing... redface , but just imagine it as one of my friends talking to me on the side. Sorry for the little philosifical thingy earlier. I was just kind of acting serious... eek I know right? SOPHIE was SERIOUS. If you know me, that happens, like, once in a blue moon. (It happens at least once a day, Sophie.) I've decided to call my subconcious mind CANDY. (So original.) Just cuz my Gaia character is like, my alter ego. (As alex or kaylei or nadine would say: uh, dah!!!) Right now, I'm having alot of trouble typing, so forgive me if there are a few, ah, many typos. 4laugh I'll try to make the mistakes dissapear. Like a ninja!!! ninja ninja ninja (for you iCarly fans.)OHMIGOD!!!!! I just realised that that new guy on Zoey 101 is the same guy as Jake on iCarly!!!!!! (Sophie, we all know you'r stupid with that stuff, like in 21 Dresses and Hairspray and Enchanted... you are terrible with recognising actors...) OH YEAH The Prince in Enchanted was Malcom Doyle in 27 Dresses and the host like Cheesy or some weird name like that.... I didn't realise they where the same guy until like, half an hour into the move every time!!! lol!!!! ok I'm done I hafta go eat! Luvs u alls!!!!

~Sophie/Candy!!!~ 4laugh whee 3nodding domokun dramallama talk2hand

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