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I,Candy. Funny right? (Alex, Amber.)
"Chocolate!" "Skittles!!!" "CHOCOLATE!!!" "SKITTLESSSS!!!!"
"Uuuummm...u know theres chocolate skittles now, right?" "REALLY?!?!?!?!" "WHO CARES ITS STILL CANDY!!!! CCCCAAAANNNNDDDDYYYY" HAHAHHA alex and i where arguing over what was bttr, chocolate or skittles. Then Amber stepped in and was like; "Uuuummm...u know theres chocolate skittles now, right?" alex-"REALLY?!?!?!?!" me- "WHO CARES ITS STILL CANDY!!! CAAAANNNNNDDDDDDYYYY" lol bethany u shouldve bean there *been dammit!!! it was funnnnyyyy blaugh blaugh blaugh xd xd 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh heart heart dramallama dramallama loflz aparna duvapari (or whatever the hell her name is. do I care? ummm...no.) ANNOYS THE [******** s**t OUTTA ME!!!!! Bethany, you know my pain.... she was acting like my friend AGAIN last night.... what a b***h. OH GOD DOES APARNA HAVE A GAIA?!?!?!?! s**t... stressed stressed stressed redface redface oh well I havnt done a journal since the american idol finale and I'm dedicating this to RAYKITTY!!!! oorrrrrrrr BETHANY!!!! who is BOTH AND THE SAAAMMMMMEEEEEEEE!!!! eemmm....hehehe hehe he he he...hhmmmmmm. neways, i am BORED but so GLAD we dont have homework. (somewhere in the u.s., geeks are crying. emo emo emo ) But I am SO GLAD thaqt summer is almost here cuz i will b on my way to the beach cool cool cool and mammoth heart heart heart and volleyball camp blaugh blaugh blaugh and maybe I will get a SUMMER BOYFRIEND!!!! heart heart heart heart heart !!!! Omg Imagining all the hot boys at the beach makes me wanna cry tears of joy,,, crying crying heart crying omg boysboysboysboysboysboysBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg BOYS!!!! I cannot WAIT forr summer I want summer iwantsummeriwantsummeriwantsummerIWANTSUMMER!!!!! OMG SUMMER!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! omg i'm in a band now and this summer we r gonna practise at my house and *HUUUUGGGGEEE GAAAAAAASSPPPP*

WE STILL NEED A NAME. alright so comment below on your favorite name for the band cuz we narrowed it down to these.....five?.....i think its five.....hhmmm.....
1)Silent Bedlam
2)Mother's Contraversy
3)Broken-Hearted Renegade
4)Acid Nation
5)Little Black Disturbance
6)Made for Mayhem
IT WAS SIX!!!! lol omg so I'm reading this series called Princess Ressurection and omg I have been saying OMG so freaking MUCH hahaha anyways the princess is SO AWESOME i wanna grow up 2 b exactly like HER mommy!!! hahahaha lol she is awesome but she slays vampires so u know what? SCREW HER I WANNA STILL B A VAMPIRE MORE!!!!!! HAHAHAHA neways so comment below on what name u like best cuz we r depending on it!!!!!!!!!!! wahmbulance wahmbulance wahmbulance

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Her Majesty Regina
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Jul 10, 2008 @ 04:47am
I finally read the journal dedicated to me! sweatdrop sweatdrop erm weeeeell thanks yous bunches o' oats!(random domokun )evil ratfink/aparna is a complete LOSER evil me bad twisted Silent Bedlam matches you guys(if you havn't picked allready... 3nodding )PM me kay? xd

Ignis Fideles Vocat

Ignis Fatum, et Veritas
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