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I,Candy. Funny right? (Alex, Amber.)
This one is kinda just random
Alright, so its the day after the election. Obama won. I mean, I'm ttly extatic. He is going to fix the our economy and this countrys reputation with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, prop 8 was passed. WHAT A ******** BUZZKILL!!!! here I was, screaming YES WE CAN every time someone mentioned the election, and then i find out STUPID prop 8 was passed. People dont even have a good reason for beliving gays and lesbians shouldn't be given the same rights as anyone else. What did they ever do to you, and what do you have against gay marraige? What, because its your religion? Do you HONESTLY belive God would mind? What happened to "We are all his children," hmmm?? What happened to "All men our created equal", huh? I mean come ON people, its in our freakin' constitution!! So you give woman the right to vote, and slaves freedom, but not gays the right to vote? Thats just plain messed up. I'm not finished yet more later.

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commentCommented on: Fri Nov 28, 2008 @ 07:11am
wahmbulance Urrrghh!! wahmbulance

School is coming!


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