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You must Read the second last journal then keeping going. Plus read the titles to make sure you know what part you're on!

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Failed Attempt To Suicide *Both points of view* Part 1
Atom, an incompetent fool, has yet again failed. He is tired of his life, and nevertheless attempts to murder himself. This attempt was, however, unsuccessful. How? Well it begins here....
Just to fall into the general idea, I will make this quick.

1st attempt: Shooting himself with a gun.
"Ah s**t!" He closes his eyes and pulls the trigger to the gun. The gun gets stuck and will not shoot."Nooo!! Damn you Walter!!" How unfortunate.."What is wrong with this world?!"

2nd attempt: Falling off a cliff.
"I just have to jump." He closes his eyes (of course that is what everyone would do when they are about to do something stupid), and he jumps. Unfortunately, there was a bed that was dumped onto the side of the cliff and Atom lands on it and lives. "Ahhh!! Damn you Walter!! WHY??"

3rd attempt: Hanging himself.
*Weeping* "Can't live with myself!!" He has tied a rope into a notch and puts his head in the notch. He kicks the chair and tried to kill himself. Unfortunately, he put the rope on a tree branch and it broke off, thus he survives. "Ahhh!! Damn you Walter!! WHY??"

4th attempt: Stabbing himself.
*Weeping again* "I love this Hmong knife too...so I must die with it!!" He opens the sheeth and puts the knife up in the air. As he thrustes the knife up in the air, the blade falls off and he, yet again, fails to kill himself. "Ahhh!! Damn you Walter!! WHY??"

5th attempt: Exploding himself.
*Weeping, for the third time* "Ahhh, this better work." He pulls the pin on the grenade, but unfortunately threw the grenade instead of the pin. How dumb can he get?? "Ahhh!! Damn you Walter!! WHY??"

Last attempt: Jumping off the Empire State Building.
*Weeping Crazily* "Oh my F**king gosh!! Now I can't fail!!" He jumps, BUTT..... Superman comes and saves him..hehehe I hired him..."Ahhh!! Damn you Walter!! WHY??"

What shall he do next?? Well that is quite simple. He is going to come over my house and try to get on my computer so that he can get on myspace and maybe play some online games, which he usually does. Well he came, and I opened the door for him. Kicked him in the balls...and well you know the rest. He falls down on the ground and dies because, of course, if you guys don't have them, they're dead.

Heaven....or maybe Hell:


When I die:

"Who's your daddy Atom?" Says me.
"I am" Says Atom and me simultaneously.
"Ok Maybe." Says Atom.
"As I was saying!" Says me.
"Good times, good times." Says Atom
"Who's your daddy Atom, Who's your daddy?"

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