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You must Read the second last journal then keeping going. Plus read the titles to make sure you know what part you're on!

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Incident of the Atom Bomb *Walter’s View* Part 3
Alright, this is how it started. Remember the incident of the genie and the attempts to suicide with Atom? Well that was the future, it's time to take it back a notch….Meaning the past. Atom's dad had wanted him to go to the army, but I don't really care. This is my point of view; he will talk about that when HE writes. I, Walter Yang, am his long lost cousin. Yup, unfortunately I am. It's never the same when I moved to Georgia. He was, indeed, in California; lucky b*****d. Well not THAT lucky. He was forced to go into the army. OK, I was in the army too; it's just that I'm in the air force, and he was in the infantry.
"It's time to use the Atom Bomb." Says the president…Who was the president again?? *As I was saying*, going back to the story.
"The Atom Bomb?" says the general of the military.
"Yes the Atom bomb. Send THE Atom Bomb."
"No you cannot be the serious!"
"For the fourth time, yes! Send the pilot, Walter."
"Walter!! What?! He's 14!!"
"Well the Atom Bomb was made 13 years ago. So it will be good."
So it happens, they send me. I'm the pilot of the awesome plane: The Destructive Atom Bomb Plane. Ok, it's not really THAT destructive. *Ok maybe*. Anyways, I have been sent. It's not that amusing. Well, I had strict orders to send the Atom Bomb, which was the Atom himself. He doesn't know that though.
*As I was saying* (Apparently the phrases that has stars are either determining whether it is a bad word or it is a phrase that we, Atom and me, use all the time in real life), it seems that I'm flying to the base. I get there and I see Atom there. "Wassup Atom."
"Sup man."
"You ready for the inevitable."
"What does that mean?"
"Dorks these days."
"Man shut up you freakin' f**."
"Kiss my a**."
"*Ok maybe.*"
"*As I was saying*."
"*Who's your daddy*?"
"*I am*." At the same time of course.
"*As I was saying* again."
"*Good times, good times*"
"Alright just get in the plane."
So we get into the plane and well I set him off to the Japan. You might wanna know what happens, and so I set him up in a cell in my plane. You know, I'm 14 and I'm piloting a plane. How weird can this government get? I'm smart, and, well it seems like I just have to take this job.
Ok, so it seems like he doesn't understand the situation and doesn't know what the mission is going to be about. So this is my chance to do something...."herioic." I have devised a plan that will surely work, in this case, it is that I will kick Atom off the plan WITH the bomb and let him to stuck as a Japanese Prisoner for at least one year and come back to save him. It's quite simple really.

Anyways, I turn the plane into auto-pilot and I go into Atom's cell. He's sleeping like a.....not even going to go there. So I stuffed him in a bag, amazing of how I stuffed someone that weighs 190 lbs. with a ton of fat....He calls them muscles, but I got more muscles than fat, unlike him. Alright, so it seems like he is still asleep, awkward I know. Anyways, he wakes up in the morning, and he us moving around in the bag. It's amusing just seeing him skirm like a sissy girl and to hear him yell some Street Fighter stuff. That boy plays too many games. *As I was saying*, I opened the bag and laugh hysterically because I saw Atom sucking on his thumb.
I just opened the bag and strapped the real Atom Bomb on him and laughed. I said that he sucked now, because, well he really was sucking on his thumb. (He doesn't admit it because he's too..."Manly" to admit it.) Anyways, I kicked him in the face and he fell. He'll survive, even though we are like 55 feet off the air....*ok maybe*. So he fell and I was free for at least a year or two, but I would say a year. I went home and, well I just did some stuff, like maybe told people that Atom's gone but I'll save him in another year or so. No one believed it, but when I go and save his butt, they'll believe....*ok maybe*. Well I sent him a note that floats in the air and just hoped that it'll make him feel better. The one thing that he doesn't know is that the denotater doesn't work. I rigged it, of course, and I have the real switch at home.
*As I was saying*, I was at home and I went on my myspace, of course. For some reason I found a message that said:


Can't really tell where it came from, but ehh, it's not like I care. The date was sent like a day before I kicked him off the plane, so not like I really care. So, during the one year that I had until I had enveloped a plan to get back Atom. It took me awhile to find that correct results, but I found it easier to just go in Japan and have a "pretend bomb" with me and, well, just threaten them that if they shoot I will denotate it and say that it'll be the third bomb that Japan would face. It's crazy, but it'll do.

So I went into Japan, crossed some cities (ok I saw some pretty girls at my age, but it's not like it's possible for me to like them anymore. I was holding a bomb, and U.S. was going to bomb Japan....well might) and went through jungles just to find the prison. I threaten them, of course. Wanna know how I did it?

"Step back! ……….then drop all your gay weapons. I got an atom bomb u don't wanna see the third bomb on Japan do ya, punk?"
That was my usual line to them, and yes it was said in English. So I got into the cell that contained Atom and I rescued his butt. Unfortunately, he still had the bomb at his side, maybe they thought that it was fake and that he could play with it in the cell.....that doesn't really seem very convincing, but it's not like I care. How did it end? Well, it's true and scary, but Atom survived and when we departed from our base, he kicked me in the a** just because I came a year later. It was great fun. I hope to torture Atom even more in the near future. Maybe some car racing will help...Should I do it?? *Ok maybe*

----Notice----For some odd reason the font at the end got kinda crazy, so if it looks different, then just deal with it and there might be some errors about the dialogues, but there is nothing that I could do about it....

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