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You must Read the second last journal then keeping going. Plus read the titles to make sure you know what part you're on!

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The want to play games.....*Both points of view* Part 2
Ok, remember the last story about Atom's attempt to suicide? Well at the end, that's not how he really died. that's really how much I want to kick him, but it's really fun to think about it. You should try it, and if you really want to know why I write funny stories about Atom, it's because he is the funnies guy I've ever met. OK, he might also be the most stubborn person, but it's fun to hang out with him. But be warn, this story shows the weirdest side of him and maybe the weirest side of me as well. This story also shows what we do at my house, but it's also make belief, and you'll know when it's make belief.
It begins with him in the living room on my computer. He's using it to check his myspace.
"Ha, Walter, I got new messages and you don't."
"Atom.....get the hell off. What's wrong with you?"
"Shut Up Damn!"
"Damn my a**, get off!" Then he gets off and jumps away from me with an evil look. He points at me amd nodds his head.
"Who's your daddy?"
"I am."
"Ok, maybe."
"As I was saying!"
"Good times, good times."
"Get away, dork."
"Ok, maybe." So he goes away and I'm sitting on the couch and checking my myspace, hotmail, facebook, and yahoo mail. Yes I have a lot of stuff, but I just have a lot of stuff so that I can keep in touch with a few of my friends and families.
"Hey Sam get off the PS2, I want to play Warriors Orochi." Apparently he wants to play a game called Warriors Orochi, but that game is basically another version of Dynasty Warriors. Sam is Atom's brother and Sam is playing StreetFighter 3rd Strike with my brother, Tony. Sam won't get off the game and gives a proposition that if Atom beats Sam in StreetFighter 3rd Strike, then he can play.
Atom plays and he beats Sam, unfortunately. Atom jumps in the air and pretends to be doing Shin-Syouryu-Ken (The Uppercut) with Ryu. He goes crazily like a kid and turns around looks at me. I find it amusing and so I laugh my a** off. It's fun just to think in your head that he's a complete dork.
As he was jumping, he his flat foot landed on the PS2 and breaks it (Which in real life didn't really happen or else he would've been dead by now). We all get mad at him and he just feels like he wants to commit suicide (Which is one reason why he wants to kill himself.....all of this not true of course, because we all love him.....Ok maybe).
The next day comes and he wants to use my computer to play games, which are usually Runescape and/or MapleStory (True fact, I could give you his account name and you can find out if it is true or not.). Nevertheless, I deny the request. He gets mad at me and goes in my garage. He goes and turns on the lights and sits on the workout chair. He wants to workout, but he desperately wants to play games. He finds a book lying on the ground. He opens up the book and reads it and no it is not my diary, I had never kept one in my entire life. The book was a chant to summon a genie.
The Genie gave him one wish and his wish was to play games.
"I wish to have all the games in the world and that includes the systems too." The genie grants that wish and dissapears.
The Wish was not how he exactly pictured it. A huge bomb came crashing down on the world. The bomb, of course killed us, but not Atom. He was, unfortunately, safe because of him being in my garage (What the heck?). Everyone's gone and everything is destroyed, but when he stepped outside and into my front lawn, he saw a game store that stood before him (What the hell? How the heck did it get there?). He was happy, and the door to the store was open. There was no owner, no supervision, nothing but games. Televisions were left on and all of the systems were included. He was surprised and amused. He didn't care that everyone else was dead, he had all the games in the world!
Until of course something bad happened. He was running too fast that he didn't see rock and tripped on it and fell through the glass door to the store. Of course that hurts like crazy, and so he trips and falls and lands on both of his hands. His hands are broken and can't play ANY games.....He worded the wish wrong. He shouldn't have said that he wanted all of the games. He should've wished for him to be able to PLAY games, not to HAVE the games. Stupid Atom.
"AHHH!!! Damn you Walter!!"
Now the question is how do I know what happened? Well that's easy, I am able to see him from heaven, durr. It's simple, there's no magic involved, ok maybe. He just died out of starvation and he can't even play games. Stupid kid, got me killed in the process.

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