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This is my journal/diary/whatever-you-wanna-call-this-thing. It's for anyone to read because I don't care all that much. It contains a lot of random things and drawings.
Together as a family- March
Mar. 1:
Babies are such a nice way to expand the family.

Mar. 2:
Thank God for what you have. Trust God for what you need.

Mar. 3:
Parent: "Don't you feel well? Let me take your temperature."
Child: "No Thanks. I'd rather keep it."

Mar. 4:
Children should be seen and not hurt.

Mar. 5:
For Family Fun and Memories: Have a lip sync or karaoke night where family members perform their favorite songs solo or in teams. Dancing and animation is encouraged, costumes and props are optional. Karaoke CDs can be purchased featuring specific artists or years and you don't need a karaoke machine to play them!

Mar. 6:
The best word a family can say: "Yes."

Mar. 7:
Woking cooperatively -- doing with a smile what you have to do anyway.

Mar. 8:
Paren't sperspective: Your reputation is based not so much on what you stand for, as on what you fall for.

Mar. 9:
Child's persepctive: Don't sing along with the radio when your child's friends are in the car.

Mar. 10:
Family Feature: Asking children to leave a note or draw a picture about something that happened during their day when you are busy or won't see them until bedtime, lets them know you think about them when you're away.

Mar. 11:
Most families function better if the rules of the household are not multiple choice.

Mar. 12:
Deal witht eh faults of your family members as gently as you deal with your own.

Mar. 13:
A sure way to embarrass your teenager is to wave wildly from the windo as the school bus drives by in the morning, and to be there when it returns in the afternoon.

Mar. 14:
Rule of the family economics: Don't let your yearnings excced your earnings.

Mar. 15:
Every minute you are angry with a family member, you lose sixty seconds of happiness that you can never get back.

Mar. 16:
Confidence -- the feeling you have just before you truly understand the facts.

Mar. 17:
We are all important in God's eyes.

Mar. 18:
Parent: "You need to eat a balanced meal."
Child: "I am! I've got a candy bar in each hand."

Mar. 19:
The best words a family can say: "Let's do something fun."

Mar. 20:
For Family Fun and Memories: To celebrate the first day of spring, plant a terrarium. Get a book from the library to learn about soil conditions and plant selections. Decide on a theme and collect rocks, interesting peices or wood, ceramic or clay "critters" or other decorative items to put inside.

Mar. 21:
It is hard to get dizzy from doing too many good turns.

Mar. 22:
Good family relationships are a work of the heart.

Mar. 23:
When spilled, there is no such thing as "a little" milk.

Mar. 24:
In most families, the length of a minute depends upon which side of the bathroom door you are on.

Mar. 25:
Infants speak many languages before they find the one their parents understand.

Mar. 26:
In small towns, friends and family are the same people.

Mar. 27:
A vivid imagination is what keeps parents company when their children are out late.

Mar. 28:
Family Feature: If your family cannot be together at mealtime, meet for dessert or snack time. Prepare it together, set the table with style, eat in a different room, or eat by candlelight. This helps children feel that time together is important.

Mar. 29:
Influence is what many parents think they have until they try to use it.

Mar. 30:
Love is something you cannot give away entirely. It always comes back to you.

Mar. 31:
Childhood -- the only time in your life when all you have to do to lose weight is take a bath.

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