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Welcome! x333
6/7/08 Sasuke-chan and Shlee-chan Unite
Dear Journal-chan,

This entry is written by both Sasuke-chan and Shlee-chan, since they had a sleepover partay 3nodding

-part one: Sasuke-chan's story-

Sasuke-chan has been acting like L-kun. eek Shlee-chan says she's scary good at it ('Tis true!). So, Sasuke-chan met Itachi-chan at a party. She was really cool. biggrin We also met Pimp-kun. He was really cute. 4laugh Sasuke-chan kept stealing his pimp hat because he wasn't ninja enough. -randomly checks grades (weirdy, that Sasuke-chan xD)- lol. sweatdrop Sasuke-chan has good grades. 3nodding There was also Pimp-kun's friend Floofie-kun (he had REALLY floofie hair, man! O_O IT WAS AWESOME! Xo). It was very fun. whee

Last night Sasuke-chan and Shlee-chan also played Cranium (we lost xD). blaugh And Sasuke-chan talked like L-kun all night and kept it up till right now. SHUT UP SHLEE-CHAN!! (Shlee-chan dun even remember what Shlee-chan was saying X.x )

Today Shlee-chan is going to Sasuke-chan's cousin's house because she has to. Bwaha. twisted

UPDATE ON SASUKE-CHAN'S CRUSH-KUN. Sasuke-chan had a realization awhile ago that she didn't like Crush-kun. surprised She has a new Crush-kun: MERKEL-KUN! 4laugh He is really nice, tall, handsome, and Sasuke-chan painted his nails for a talent show for school. sweatdrop It was sweet. He still hasn't given Sasuke-chan her nail polish back. stare ...Oh well. x3

-part two: Shlee-chan's story-

Shlee-chan had a great time at the party! x3 Minty-chan had us all play Apples to Apples. It was HILARIOUS! rofl RedHair-chan put down women for disfunctional. rofl rofl rofl So very true (well, for us, at least xD Mahaha).

Shlee-chan and Sasuke-chan are working on a Ninja version of the Barbie song:

- I'm a Ninja girl,
In a Ninja wooorrllddd
Life's fantastic,
My weapon's plastic~

You can't touch my hair,
Chidori everywheeerrree~
It's so much fuuunnn~

Come on Sasuke, let's go Partay~ -

xD So very VERY fun. ^.^

Shlee-chan and Sasuke-chan stayed up til 1:30 am talking as Light and L. xD It was SOOOO fuuunnnn. Sasuke-chan's REALLY good at sounding like L O_O; ...It's creepy. lol But good. xD We were also chained together with a leash for probably 3 to 4 hours. *nodnod* So so fun x3

(SPOILER WARNING) Shlee-chan's never watched any episode of Death Note other than episode 25, where L-kun dies. (SPOILER WARNING ENDED) So Shlee-chan's goal for the summer is to watch all episodes (and finish her homework stare ).

Shlee-chan and Sasuke-chan were in the basement (chained together, btw 3nodding ) on the computer talking to Sakura-chan and watching Death Note. Shlee-chan and Sasuke-chan actually talked about a guy! eek They NEVAH do that! Xo 'Twas a moment to remember, lawlz.

Shlee-chan's cats are fighting atm :3 Iz funny. They don't really fight. They stare at each other and poke each other with their paws. xD Sometimes they wrestle, but thaz it. 4laugh

Shlee-chan was attacked by a little kid for saying she hasn't been on a roller coaster eek ...It was weird. o-o

Also, Shlee-chan and Sasuke-chan walked to Sakura-chan's house today and stayed for an hour. We sat in the driveway drinking pop...until we figured out that it fizzed a lot when it was dumped on the ground ;D Half of our bottles ended up on the ground. It looked like someone asploded or something. blaugh Awesome awesome awesome.

Well, Sasuke-chan and Shlee-chan have to say bye now, so BYE JOURNAL-CHAN!!!!!!!!! rofl WE LUFF YOOUUUU~~~

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Fuhrer Edward Elric
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Jun 08, 2008 @ 04:17am
omg best weekend ever. this has been like the best summer so far. sasuke-chan shall write everything after this sentence in first person since she is tired and has a lot to say.

our ninja girl song is awesome, we need to write the whole thing lol. and i CAN talk like L-kun very well. i talked to kiba and told him about that cause he said he was being L all day today (what a coincedance) and he was jealous cause he said he can't talk like that (i'm so special).

i can't believe pop does that xd lol.

I CAN'T BELIEVE WE TALKED ABOUT GUYS WHILE U WERE OVER. u mentioned my new crush-kun to ur journal-chan sweatdrop i hate u... i don't need ur help i don't need anyones help ... lol kadaj was amazing in that skit. just kidding i can't hate u. omg this comment is like a journal-chan but not in my usual way of talking lol. omg my arm's bleeding, i think thats a sign i should stop commnting and check my messages BYE xd xp xd xp xd

commentCommented on: Mon Jun 09, 2008 @ 04:05pm

go watch, i'm too lazy to write a message XD

Fuhrer Edward Elric
Community Member
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