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Welcome! x333
6/13/08 ~ MC's, Salads, Llamas, and J-E-N-O-V-A Remixes
Dear Journal-chan,

TWO MORE DAYS AND THE MONTHLY COLLECTIBLE IS FINALLY RELEASED!!! blaugh blaugh rofl rofl dramallama I'm so excited! x3 I'm so sick of staring at that cursed pink envelope e_O *twitch* OPEENNN!!! Xp *rips it up violently* ...o-O ......

Shlee-chan didn't go outside today because of sunburn T.T It kiillzzz. but Shlee-chan cleaned house all day...woooooo. *blah ee; * Shlee-chan ate a salad for lunch o.o That was very surprising. Shlee-chan also updated her profile of dewm. ZOMG YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE FIRST AND SECOND SONG ON TEH PLAYLIST-CHAN OF DOOM IT IS SO COOL!!!! Xo Go there right after reading this, or I'LL EAT YOU! ...LIKE CHEESE AND WINE! e_O cheese_whine

Shlee-chan is questing for 2 BFF gold heart chains at the moment :3 *nodnod* for Brooke-chan and I. I can almost afford one, but I'll need 3k more to get the other. Please help ^.^ Shlee-chan will luff yooouuu~ 4laugh


Domo eats llamas named Lemo O: *nodnod* RUN, LLAMA, RUUNNN~ D8 dramallama

DUDE, have you ever heard two electric guitars playing at the same time, but one starts a bit later and is in HARMONY with the other!? IT IS SO AMAZING! e_O AND YOU CAN HEAR IT ON THE SECOND SONG ON SHLEE-CHAN'S PROFILE! Xo GO LISTEN NOOOWWW!!!!!!!!!! ...It's.so.amazing. crying ZOMG IT'S PLAYING NOW! x3 *huggles it* SO AMAZING!!!

Shlee-chan's uncle asked her to draw a fairy for him to frame and put in his living room. HOW COOL IS THAT!? ^.^ Shlee-chan must be getting good :3

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