yey, today, sept 15 2008, i had my first tektek contest.
i wonder what avis will people post? XD~

gak sabar lagi nehh, huehuehue XD~~

owh, and yesterday, i changed my hair....
bye2 my black sleek hair...
maybe i'll use it again one day, i like it~

it's my first time writing a journal too, lol!

so i don't really understand sweatdrop .

you, don't laugh!! T__T

heart CrystaleMum is my (first) wifey now!! [PRESENT=grunny slippers,grunny, pink sweetheart teddybear] [she gave me celestial wrap,pink magical box+5k, aquatica)

heart Naomi Minami is my sister!! (gave me holy gauntlets)
tote 2nd gen

heart Traenia
is my brother!! (SVEN)

heart Malus Dracula is my sister!!

heart I eated ur bunneh is my sister!!

heart XxAsuka_SamaxX is my sister!!

heart Root to All Evil is my brother!!

heart iPlushies R Us is my sister!!

heart Thinkn Past is my sister!! [CELEB DATE]

heart Rave Lament is my big sister!! [BIANCAMELLA]

heart x - C l a r i t y - x is my little sister!! =>[she gave me trick or treat tote]
Western Zodiac

heart -Kaji Da the Flame Haze- is my brother!!

heart smackin_elayne is my mom!!! [AQUATICA+NOV 2008 LETTER] (fausto bottle)

heart My DAUGHTER Mini Naru Chan

heart teh aDORKables is my sister