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Enjoy writing or showing my anger when i'm writing. If i have the time or when i'm not lazy. Sometimes just showing interest or just talking.
My DandiiDooDad Spore 2nd Gen, Lucky Star and my plushie!
Hi everyone! I'm back! ^^ Ok, first of all, Christmas is coming n i hav aly started 2 buy outfits 4 the upcoming event! (even in Gaia, i'm also shopping 4 the greatest stuff!) *squeals with excitment* Haha, ok as u noe in my first journal i've aly said tat i would write my journals on special occasions rite? Well, tat also includes in wat i hav bought or having a surprise gifts! (lik my first journal) Ok, enough of tat intro, now i'm gonna talk about my first plushie, the Lucky Stars n the DandiiDooDad Spore 2nd Gen! xd

Ok, i'll start with the first one. Hmm...about tat first plushie thing, well...i've bought it 4 quite awhile now i don't really think its new or anything sweatdrop ,but its still my first plushie! lol Ok, my first plushie is Danger The Dragon! I bought it in the marketplace (ok its very obvious...) n it was cheap, ( ok i noe wat u r thinking, i lik 2 buy cheap things soo i can buy the stuffs i want lik wat i've said in my first journal) so i decided 2 buy it. Danger The Dragon its kinda cute 2! ( if u think its not, then i won't complain. wink )

Now i'll talk about the second one. I bought the Lucky Stars at the marketplace 2. I bought it cuz i was thinking tat maybe the Lucky Stars will be the substitute 4 the Fallen Wish. ( well they r stars rite? Lol lol ) But Fallen wish is lik, soo much better then Lucky Stars cuz it has more items. But i take the Lucky Stars as an accesories as it looks kinda nice. ( it even has a scraf n the circle lights there so it looks attarctive! 3nodding )

Now the thrid thing. Ok, its another cheap item from the marketplace but wat can i say, i'm still aiming 2 get the stuff i want rite? So, i'm starting off with the cheap things i want in my wishlist! biggrin Ok, so i bought the DandiiDooDad Spore 2nd Gen. If u're wondering y i bought the 2nd gen n not the original, well...its much more cheaper ( surprisingly it very cheap! eek ). The original is some what lik erm...i 4got wat the price was but i'm definitely sure tat is much, n i mean much more expensive then this 2nd gen. I bought it at around..., $2,000+...? I can't remember either but i noe it more then $2,000. (even though i bought it lik a few hours ago...haha... sweatdrop )

Hmm...i think i'll end of here. Rite now, i'm kinda broke ( no money in tat kind of way...) since i bought christmas clothes, accescories, n stuff... So i hope by New Years tat i hav enough money 2 buy something good looking 2 wear. ( here in Gaia duh... rolleyes ) Bye! 4laugh heart

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